Ultimate Defense: Lost Monkey Kung Fu

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Lost Monkey Kung Fu is one of the best defensive substyles in Tai Shing. This unique monkey is quick with short movements and sweeping defense.

Lost Monkey Kung Fu uses its quick footwork and sharp angles to avoid an opponent’s strikes & counter at the right moment.

In order to increase awareness about one of the best defensive martial arts around, this blog will cover the techniques of Lost Monkey Kung Fu – including the mindset, form & drills, and practical techniques. 

There are 3 main skills to be learned in this part of Tai Shing. The Lost Monkey Kung Fu; mindset, forms, & drills.

The Three Skills to Lost Monkey

The Mindset of Lost Monkey in Tai Shing Kung Fu


Lost Monkey has a fearful & timid mindset.

Many see fear as something to overcome in martial arts. This is a cowards mindset. Lost Monkey teaches you to embrace that fear and use it to heighten your senses and movements. This allows you to move quicker and think more critically.

So can you use fear to help you win a fight?

First off you have to accept & recognize you have fear. Both fight & flight instincts raise our adrenaline so our primal instincts can take over. So for Lost Monkey this means that the practitioner becomes afraid of his/her opponent. 

Furthermore, if you fear something (e.g. like being afraid to get hit) how much better will you be at avoiding the strike? 100% more likely. Lost Monkey will quickly retreat from a striking opponent. But on that same note. When the practitioner sees an opportunity to land some fast devastating strikes, they will have the skills to do so.

This mindset alongside the techniques of Lost Monkey make this substyle of Tai Shing the best defensive martial art.

 The Form of Lost Monkey in Tai Shing Kung Fu

Next we will look at the form for this monkey kung fu style.  

Start to end, Lost Monkey is quick and agile. Short steps and short quick striking for the majority of the form. Also, this form is the lowest to the ground of all Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu forms.  

This form is most efficient if you are able to control your breathing. Sounds like a simple task but when moving at top speed and shorter movements, keeping your breath tamed can be proved difficult. 

Monkey Style Kung Fu: Lost Monkey Drills

 Now that we briefly went over the Lost Monkey mindset & form it’s time to look at the effective drills.  

As stated earlier this monkey uses a fearful mindset. This is implemented in all the drills, both partner and solo drills.

Lost Monkey teaches the practitioner sweeping blocks also known as Mor Sao. This blocking style is combined with dispersing hand techniques that teach the practitioner to block and strike simultaneously.

Then, once these basic skills have been refined. The practitioner will be able block while evading and use their simultaneous block & strike to counter quickly.

Finally, Lost Monkey uses a retreating step while using sharp angles. For example, an opponent steps toward you striking with his right hand. A lost monkey practitioner would take a double step backwards and step out to the opponent’s striking side (right side in this example). 

Learn The Ultimate Defense With Lost Monkey Kung Fu

In conclusion, Lost Monkey is an amazing style to learn if you prefer to learn a great defense with tricky offense. Join today to learn the ultimate martial art defense.

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