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Monkey Kung Fu

The Ultimate Monkey Kung Fu Program

M.S.T.R., or the Monkey System Training Regiment, is a 42-month training program designed to improve martial arts skills through learning traditional monkey kung fu lessons. With over 100 detailed videos, online resources, and exercises that can be done in one’s own home, M.S.T.R. offers an extensive range of materials and guidance to help anyone reach their goals in the art of monkey kung fu.

Accessible to anyone 18 years old or older, the M.S.T.R. curriculum covers a wide array of topics related to the practice, including forms and techniques, drills, principles of movement and energy work, self-defense tactics, history and philosophy of monkey kung fu as well as physical conditioning exercises such as stretching and strengthening movements to improve strength and mobility for maximum performance potentials.

Learn Kung Fu Online MSTR Program


MSTR PROGRAM (42-month Training)

  • Conditioning
  • One on One Training
  • 6 Monkeys & Staff
  • Partner and Solo Drills
  • Fluidity and Line Drills
  • Progressive Lessons
  • Detailed Lessons
  • Meditation and Qigong
  • Pressure Points
  • And so much more!

M.S.T.R. Program: Learn Kung Fu Online

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Learn Kung Fu Online with our MSTR Program

The Monkey System Training Regiment (MSTR) is a comprehensive 42-month training program designed for those looking to improve their martial arts skills through learning traditional Monkey Kung Fu lessons.


  • No Contracts
  • 42 Months of Video Lessons
  • Free Initial Welcome Call
  • Quarterly Progress Reviews
  • Additional Tips From Sifu
  • Mobile & Web Access
  • Live or Video Testing Options


  • No Contracts
  • 42 Months of Video Lessons
  • Free Initial Welcome Call
  • Monthly Progress Reviews
  • Additional Tips From Sifu
  • Mobile & Web Access
  • Live or Video Testing Options
  • Personalized Drills
  • Discounted Uniform
  • Free Sashes (After Test)
  • Progressive Learning


  • No Contracts
  • 42 Months of Video Lessons
  • Finish in 21 Months!!!
  • Free Initial Welcome Call
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Reviews & Training Sessions
  • Additional Tips From Sifu
  • Mobile & Web Access
  • Live or Video Testing Options
  • Personalized Drills
  • Custom Kung Fu Program
  • Free Uniform
  • Free Sashes (After Test)
  • Progressive Learning
  • Direct Contact With Sifu
  • Extra Testing Materials
  • Teaching Certificate
MSTR Monkey Kung Fu

Monkey Kung Fu

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If you’re interested in learning the unique and dynamic art of Monkey Kung Fu but don’t have access to a local school or teacher, Six Monkey Martial Arts offers online classes that can help you master this exciting style. With experienced instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, Six Monkey Martial Arts provides students with personalized attention and feedback to ensure their progress. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, these online classes offer a convenient and effective way to improve your skills and deepen your understanding of Monkey Kung Fu.

MSTR Monkey Kung Fu

Month 2

“Well structured. The Lessons build upon each other. Has made me excited for Month 3.”

Kevin Wikse
MSTR Monkey Kung Fu

Best Training

“l am in my mid 40’s and have been in various different martial arts since I was 10 years old. I’ve trained all over the world and this course is hands down the best. Sifu Barber makes everything easy to learn and is extremely detailed. I am able to train on my own and ask questions if needed. The live one on ones make this even better. To have a distance learning where I learn more than a physical school. I highly recommend this system to anyone interested in Kung Fu or martial arts. 10 out of 10. Thank you Sifu Barber.”

Henry Christianson
MSTR Monkey Kung Fu

Excellent Quality Kung Fu

“Ever since I started my training in kung fu, I have purchased a handfull of tutorials, forms and instructional videos. This course here is on par with the best. It has the traditional names, how they look like in the forms, their biomechanical principles and most importantly, their applications. 0% bullshit, 100% pragmatic application. Source: I have trained in a handfull of southern styles like wing chun and choy lee fut and much of what’s taught in those styles translates pretty well to what’s in this course and I have been able to apply many of these concepts successfully in sparring. I can’t wait to try the new stuff I have learned here!”

Kevin Lobos
MSTR Monkey Kung Fu
Six Monkey Martial Arts has changed my life. I used to train at a bad martial arts school where we would only pretend and never work on our defense skills. I learned more in my first 3 months at Six Monkey than I did in 4 years at the other place. Sifu Barber really took his time to work with me and spend extra time on my skill improvements.
MSTR Monkey Kung Fu
I really had a great experience at Six Monkey. I learned how to defend myself, empty my cup with meditation, breath work and so much more. Sifu Barber was very patient with me and helped understand my limits and how to overcome them. By far the best online training course I have ever taken and I’m still learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to pick a subscription is to first decide on what your needs are for learning Kung Fu online.

If you are a great self-starter or have a decent amount of martial art experience then you may want to go with the Basic Subscription. This subscription has yearly reviews and new videos released every month.

However, if you are newer to martial arts or Kung Fu in general then we strongly suggest Standard or Pro Subscriptions. These subscriptions have live reviews more often than Basic subscriptions and also have more personalized content. If you are new then we suggest the Pro Subscription to start. This is so you get a lot more personalized attention in your training as well as fast-track training (you get more lessons per month with your live lessons).

No matter what you choose. Please know this is a Kung Fu system only for adults. We do not teach anyone under 18 years old. These techniques can hurt someone so please train safely & wisely. You train at your own risk. If you need help deciding or have questions please click the button below to contact us.

Learning Kung Fu has never been more accessible – with sixmonkeymartialarts, you can begin to learn kung fu online right in your living room! With over 30 complimentary lessons available for trainees of any skill level and no fees involved, now’s the perfect time to discover all that this ancient practice has to offer.

We have courses and training videos for you if you want to learn kung fu online at the comfort of your homes. Contact us if you want to know more and learn kung fu online.
Learning Kung Fu can be an incredibly rewarding experience. For the best results, seek out a skilled sifu and absorb their knowledge – but with dedication and practice there’s lots you can do on your own too! Invest in some DVDs or take to the web for videos; many kung fu academies have websites full of invaluable advice.
Embrace the possibilities of learning something new, no matter how old you are! Martial arts training is an excellent way to keep your brain sharp and be physically active. Don’t let age stand in the way of achieving another goal – start today!
Kung fu is a journey like no other, with practice and dedication opening the door to an in-depth knowledge of martial arts. Thankfully though, it doesn’t take years for students to gain mastery over basic moves; through time management, commitment and foresight these techniques can be learnt more quickly than you may think!

Kung Fu and Karate both boast unique forms of self-defense, offering a variety of techniques to fit any fighting style. Compared with karate’s singular weapon focus, Chinese Kung Fu provides an extensive selection from weapons to uniforms. Ultimately though, the debate around which system is better comes down own personal preference – so find what works for you!

Our Shaolin training program is the perfect way to develop a connection with martial arts no matter what age you are! With course lengths ranging from one week up to five years, it’s never too late (or early!) for our students who range in age from 18 all the way through 70. Come explore this ancient Chinese tradition and gain its many benefits today!

William Cheung
Residence: Victoria, Australia
Style: Traditional Wing Chun (TWC) Kung Fu
Teacher: Ip Man
Rank: Grandmaster
On average, Kung Fu masters invest eight to ten years of grueling training before earning the black belt or sash. Yet no two journeys are alike – depending on your frequency and skill level at the start, that timeline might be even longer for some martial art devotees!

Basic Boxing – Boxing is a self-empowerment sport, as trainees discover and maximize their strength while learning to move with agility. All that’s needed are gloves; no partner or equipment necessary – just you! You’ll learn the basics of stances and moves like those in karate for an all-around body workout.

  • Convenience: You can learn Kung Fu online at your own pace and schedule without having to travel to a physical location.
  • Affordability: Learning Kung Fu online is reasonably priced compared to traditional schools or private instructors.
  • Quality instruction: Sifu Barber is a certified instructor with over 20 years of experience in teaching martial arts.
  • Comprehensive training programs: Six Monkey Martial Arts offers courses for beginners as well as advanced learners, with pre-recorded video lessons and live online classes to make learning Kung Fu online as easy as possible.
  • Personalized feedback: In live online classes, you can interact with other students and instructors in real time, allowing for personalized feedback on your technique.
  • Limited interaction: Learning Kung Fu online may not provide the same level of personal interaction as learning in person from a teacher or school. But with our large community, you may find another practitioner in your area.
  • Lack of physical contact: Some aspects of Kung Fu training require physical contact for proper technique and practice, which may be difficult to replicate when learning Kung Fu online. We suggest getting a friend or family member to help share this experience with you.
  • Technology issues: Technical glitches or poor internet connection may disrupt the learning experience during live online classes. But all lessons are pre-recorded so learning Kung Fu online is easy.