Tall Monkey

Monkey Kung Fu

Tall Monkey: The Fluid & Powerful Form of Monkey Kung Fu

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is an amazing and fluid form of martial arts that can be learned by people of all sizes. This form is perfect for adults who want to learn to maximize their reach and control distance. The video lessons are easy to follow and provide detailed instruction on how to develop maximal power and fluidity.

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a great way to stay in shape and protect yourself from harm. Develop a clear mind, strong body and unbreakable warrior spirit. This monkey style is great for a total beginner to advanced practitioner. Must be 18 years or older to join.

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Tall Monkey Kung Fu


Tall Monkey

  • All 3 Parts to Tall Form

  • Tall Monkey Hands

  • Snatching Hands

  • Chin Na

  • Tall Monkey Fluidity & Line Drills

  • All 3 Parts to Tei Tong Form
  • Meditation Steps 1-3
  • Basic to Advanced Qigong
  • Sweeps, Throws, Takedowns & Defense
  • Iron Hand Conditioning
  • 3, 5 & 7 Star Conditioning
  • Shin Conditioning
  • Elbow & Knee Strikes
  • Monkey Hands
  • Gor Sao
  • San Sao
  • Gun & Knife Defense
  • Additional Techniques & More

Tall Monkey Kung Fu

Tall Monkey is actually one of 6 sub styles in a large Monkey Kung Fu system known as Tai Shing. This monkey uses its reach advantage as well as soft fluid blocking followed by heavy & aggressive striking. Since its conception in 1911, Tall Monkey has always been known as a high stance monkey style. Meaning this monkey style does not require the practitioner to get in as low of a stance as other sub styles in Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu.

Tall Monkey is great for all skill levels. Learn to make your body more fluid and enhance your striking power with this in-depth art. This monkey has so much to offer. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

About Six Monkey Martial Arts: Online Kung Fu Lessons

Our focus has always been to teach students from all over the world traditional Monkey Kung Fu. So we worked with Sifu Barber to develop a series of online Kung Fu lessons teaching the diverse art of Tai Shing Kung Fu.

Sifu Barber has over 12 years of Tai Shing experience and over 20 years of martial arts training. He was the sole disciple of Sigung (teachers teacher) Ah Sang who taught Sifu Barber all 5 day monkeys and the closed door (forbidden/secret) night monkey. Today Sifu Barber guides 100+ students in the art of Tai Shing.

We only allow adults to join our courses as these techniques can be dangerous to use and we want our students to be old enough and responsible enough to train safely & wisely. If you need help deciding on a course or have questions please click the link below to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 Most Popular Martial Arts in the World
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  • 1) Mixed Martial Arts: the Most Popular Martial Art in the World.
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  • 5) Kung Fu.

Martial Arts is much more than physical combat. Its Chinese character ‘mu’ embodies a strong message of peace, emphasizing that conflicts should be resolved in a creative and skillful way – not through violence or confrontation.

Average Pageviews for Wikipedia Articles about Martial Arts
Rank Martial Art Average Pageviews
1 Krav Maga 3019
2 Taekwondo 2921
3 Boxing 2322
4 Mixed Martial Arts 2289

Martial arts, a centuries-old discipline of physical and mental strength which originates mainly from East Asia. From kung fu to judo, karate and kendō – there is an array of sports or skills all aiming for the same purpose: perfecting one’s body as well as mind through armed or unarmed combat. One of the best kung fu styles is the tall monkey kung fu style

The ancient art of kung-fu is believed to stem from a deep understanding and connection with the elements. It utilizes five forces—earth, water, metal, wood & fire—which are represented by snake style movements for earth; crane form maneuvers for water; dragon postures indicating metal; leopard strikes symbolizing wood and tiger stances embodying fire.

For fighters at the top of their game, Mixed Martial Arts is like an ultra-tough combination of combat styles: boxing and kickboxing for power; Muay Thai for technique; wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to take it up close. It’s no wonder MMA enthusiasts regard this as one of martial arts’ toughest challenges.

Kung Fu is a defensive art form, perfect for close-quarters combat. Karate on the other hand uses powerful strikes to take down opponents quickly and efficiently. In essence, Kung Fu helps you restrain your opponent while Karate gives you an offensive edge in any altercation.

Kalaripayattu is renowned as the oldest martial art in India, having originated in Kerala over 1600 years ago. This ancient practice utilizes Kalari – a Malayalam name meaning “School/gymnasium/training hall” where people can learn and master this timeless form of self-defense.

Kung fu, an ancient martial art developed in East Asia centuries ago, is more than just punches and kicks – it’s a holistic way of life. It combines stances, blocks, hand strikes and kicks alongside meditation techniques and breathwork to help practitioners improve their physical health as well as mental wellbeing.

For centuries, the mysterious Bodhidharma has captivated cultures with his story. A legendary Buddhist priest who journeyed to China’s emperor Wu of Liang in 527 CE, he is widely believed by many to be the founder of Kung Fu!