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Online Kung Fu Lessons In Traditional Monkey Kung Fu

Six Monkey Martial Arts is set up to help those with any budget get traditional and in-depth Kung Fu online & Monkey Kung Fu training. There are a few different subscription options that vary based on budget, desired one on one sessions, video reviews, etc. Once you decide on the subscription that best suits you, you will be given access immediately to your first lessons.

Every month you will receive 2 or more lessons for the duration of the entire 42-month program subscription. A total of 117 videos full of detailed martial arts training! Each lesson is broken down with easy-to-understand and clear instruction. If you decide to go with the Standard or Pro subscription, you will be allowed to have your videos reviewed quarterly (standard subscription) or monthly (pro subscription). There are also other combative course videos available for purchase.

While these videos are made to teach you this art form, please remember that it is only worth as much effort that you put into it. If you are a very dedicated individual then the Basic subscription would best suit you.

If you need more personalized assistance with your training then I strongly suggest you consider the Standard or Pro subscription, as it would best suit you. Please enjoy the training sessions and please train safely & wisely.

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Monkey Kung Fu Testing & Certifications

Not required in any program — but available for those who wish to rank in the Tai Shing System.Testing can be done during any one-on-one session if the student wishes to attempt it. Age verification is required before testing and free initial calls. This system is dangerous and only taught to adults.

Passing: If you pass all the requirements for those levels criteria, you will receive a free sash and certification showing that passed rank.

Failing: If you fail you have two options. You can wait to retest at your next one-on-one session. Or, you may pay a one-time fee of $99 to retest when you are

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