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Women's Self Defense Course

ALL people should know how to defend themselves. But especially women. According to a study by the DOJ in 2000 more than 50% of women have been victims of some sort of physical violence in their lives. And 1 in 5 women have been raped! This is unacceptable and no one should ever be a victim. This course is designed to help you develop situational awareness and easy to learn self defense techniques. NO MORE VICTIMS. The video to the left is on common self defense myths. Please watch (its a free video). 

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What You'll Learn

  • Rape Escape
  • Defense Stances
  • Distance Control
  • Choke Escape
  • Hair Pull Defense
  • Clothing Grab Defense
  • Situational Awareness
  • Movement Drills
  • Takedown Defense
  • Distance Control
  • Palm Striking
  • Blocking
  • Self Defense Workout
  • Two Person Drills
  • Gun & Knife Defense
  • Sweeps, Throws & Takedowns
  • Meditation
  • Qigong
  • & Much More!
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About Our Women's Self Defense Course

Our new women’s self defense course is here. This course is full of our Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu system as well as some additional techniques to make sure every woman has the ability to learn how to defend themselves. Our Monkey Kung Fu System teaches women many devastating techniques from rape escape, striking, hair grab defense, kicking & much more. Most importantly every technique is easy to learn & taught in detailed step by step format.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to learn effective self defense techniques from home! Our course covers it all. As a bonus we even included a few meditation and qigong lessons to help you clear your mind and become the beautiful ultimate warrior we know you can be!

About Six Monkey Martial Arts: Online Kung Fu Lessons

Our focus has always been to teach students from all over the world traditional Monkey Kung Fu. So we worked with Sifu Barber to develop a series of online Kung Fu lessons teaching the diverse art of Tai Shing Kung Fu. 

Sifu Barber has over 12 years of Tai Shing experience and over 20 years of martial arts training. He was the sole disciple of Sigung (teachers teacher) Ah Sang who taught Sifu Barber all 5 day monkeys and the closed door (forbidden/secret) night monkey. Today Sifu Barber guides 100+ students in the art of Tai Shing. 

We only allow adults to join our courses as these techniques can be dangerous to use and we want our students to be old enough and responsible enough to train safely & wisely. If you need help deciding on a course or have questions please click the link below to contact us.

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Our Monkey kung Fu Lineage

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