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Monkey Courses

Wood Monkey Kung Fu. Precise & Aggressive Style. Wood Monkey Is The Rarest Of The 5. Quick Defense & Devastating Offense.

Drunken Monkey Kung Fu. Very Controlled Style. Drunken Monkey Uses Its Opponents Force Against Them.

Tall Monkey Kung Fu. Fluid & Breaking Style. Tall Monkey Uses Sweeping Blocks With Limb Destruction Techniques. 

Lost Monkey Kung Fu. Defensive & Quick. Lost Monkey Utilizes Simultaneous Blocking & Striking With Quick Footwork.

Stone Monkey Kung Fu. Overwhelming Offense. Stone Monkey Trains Trapping Techniques Combines With Bridge Destroying Training.

Additional Courses

Learn To Empty Your Mind & Open Your Awareness

Pure Combatives Course. No Forms. Just Line Drills, Techniques From All 5 Monkeys, & Partner Drills.

Condition Your Body, Hands, Forearms & Shins With Our Conditioning Course.

Six Monkey Workout Program

Women's Self Defense Course


Mini Courses

Hammer Fists 101. Learn The Devastating Hammer Fists of Tai Shing

Tai Shing Basics. Foundation Technique & Skills of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu.

Root Snatching Intro. Discover New Techniques To Destroy Your Opponents Stance.

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