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Monkey Courses

Wood Monkey Kung Fu. Precise & Aggressive Style. Wood Monkey Is The Rarest Of The 5. Quick Defense & Devastating Offense.

Drunken Monkey Kung Fu. Very Controlled Style. Drunken Monkey Uses Its Opponents Force Against Them.

Tall Monkey Kung Fu. Fluid & Breaking Style. Tall Monkey Uses Sweeping Blocks With Limb Destruction Techniques. 

Lost Monkey Kung Fu. Defensive & Quick. Lost Monkey Utilizes Simultaneous Blocking & Striking With Quick Footwork.

Stone Monkey Kung Fu. Overwhelming Offense. Stone Monkey Trains Trapping Techniques Combines With Bridge Destroying Training.

Additional Courses

Learn To Empty Your Mind & Open Your Awareness

Pure Combatives Course. No Forms. Just Line Drills, Techniques From All 5 Monkeys, & Partner Drills.

Condition Your Body, Hands, Forearms & Shins With Our Conditioning Course.

Women's Self Defense Course


Mini Courses

Hammer Fists 101. Learn The Devastating Hammer Fists of Tai Shing

Tai Shing Basics. Foundation Technique & Skills of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu.

Root Snatching Intro. Discover New Techniques To Destroy Your Opponents Stance.

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