Individual Courses

Individual Monkey Courses

Choose from any of these combative course videos available for purchase for those not interested in a subscription.


Tall Monkey

A great way to stay in shape and protect yourself from harm. Develop a clear mind, strong body and unbreakable warrior spirit.


Lost Monkey

Perfect for anyone looking for quick, controlled, and evasive moves. Our program will help you learn how to overcome your inner fears and hone your martial skills.


Stone Monkey

The most aggressive and feared style of Tai Shing Kung Fu. This style is based on a mindset that hardens your hands, arms, body and shins to deliver tremendous power into your opponent.


Drunken Monkey

One of our most popular courses. Learn to develop fluidity & internal strength with this amazing course.


Wood Monkey

This rare form of Tai Shing Kung fu is known for its aggressiveness and ability to take down any opponent.


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MSTR PROGRAM (42-month Training)

Take your training to the next level with our most in-depth program! Learn everything we offer, including live feedback, reviews with Sifu, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sixmonkeymartialarts delivers an expertly crafted and easy-to-follow course to learn kung fu online. With over 60 years’ combined experience between its team of professional teachers & martial artists, you can take your practice to new heights with a comprehensive curriculum developed on decades worth of training both inside & outside traditional dojos to learn kung fu online.
Six Monkey Martial Arts has recently unveiled their new online platform to teach the ancient practice of Kung Fu. Utilizing knowledge that has been honed over centuries, this state-of-the art system provides a unique approach to learning for thousands of curious students around the world.

Average Pageviews for Wikipedia Articles about Martial Arts:

1 – Krav Maga, 3019 avg. page views
2 – Taekwondo, 2921 avg. page views
3 – Boxing, 2322 avg. page views
4 – Mixed Martial Arts, 2289 avg. page views

Martial arts, a centuries-old discipline of physical and mental strength which originates mainly from East Asia. From kung fu to judo, karate and kendō – there is an array of sports or skills all aiming for the same purpose: perfecting one’s body as well as mind through armed or unarmed combat.
While Karate is an offensive martial art, specializing in inflicting harm on opponents without grappling with them head-on, Kung Fu offers the advantage of being able to disarm and restrain someone who may be coming at you. Ultimately it all boils down to what kind of strategy best suits your needs – whether that means causing physical damage or simply stopping a fight before it begins.

The ease of learning and comprehensive techniques make Muay Thai (Kickboxing) a great starting point for beginners. In addition to the basics such as punches, kicks and knee strikes, this martial art focuses on clinch technique – an advantageous skill which can be transferred over into other areas like Judo or Wrestling.

Bruce Lee is an iconic figure whose legacy of martial arts skill and creativity continues to captivate fans around the world. Even over forty years after his passing, he remains a symbol for excellence in combat sports across all cultures.

Martial arts mastery is no overnight feat! It can take anywhere from five to twenty-five years of hard work and dedication in order to earn a first degree black belt. The record for the longest training period stands at 27 tireless years, while those with exceptional talent have achieved the same level within four short ones – showcasing just how much variation exists between individuals’ journeys towards excellence.

If you’re interested in martial arts, boxing and Muay Thai are great places to start for those who prefer striking. On the other hand, if grappling is more your style then Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling offer a unique set of skills just waiting to be developed! donned its all-purpose black belt and tracked down the five least effective martial arts.
5) Sumo
4) Capoeira
3) Shin-Kicking
2) Aikido
1) Tai Chi