How Long Does It Take To Learn Kung Fu Online?

To learn Kung Fu online: Short answer up to 42 months. Long answer, it depends on you and the program.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Kung Fu Online?​

42 Months. First of all, you need to understand that Kung Fu is a broad term for Chinese martial arts. Next it’s important to know that Kung Fu means “accomplishment through hard work”. So you can expect learning to take some time.

Secondly, beware of any website that claims you can learn in a lesser amount of time. Most online Kung Fu schools have no structure and just dump videos on you for you to figure it out. 

In addition to that, it also depends entirely on the student. If you have years of experience in a similar style you may learn faster. Or if not it could take longer depending on how much you put into it. 

Finally, it is good to consider if you are learning from a true master or just some popular influencer.

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Technology Requirements

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In todays world majority of people have a smart device. However, this would not be a very good article if we did not cover some of the base technology requirements to learn Kung Fu online. 

Typically, most online Kung Fu schools just give you a bunch of videos to watch and practice on your own. That won’t get you far. In addition to in-depth video lessons, you also need live lessons or video submission. Undoubtably this is the most important aspect to learning Kung Fu online. 

Clearly the video lessons are important. But if you never have a true Shifu/Sifu (master) check you, how do you know if you did it correctly? In addition to good internet access you will also need some sort of quality camera. 

This can be your smart phone, tablet or laptop. In addition to that you will need a good microphone to speak with your instructor. Lastly, you will need a clear open area to demonstrate your skills.

In summation, any smart phone will pretty much get you through your lessons. If you want to upgrade to an external camera that is a plus but not a necessity.

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Another major factor in how long it takes to learn Kung Fu online is the program structure. Unlike other online Kung Fu programs we have a very detailed program full of in-depth video lessons as well as live 1 on 1 sessions.

Structure is crucial in your online Kung Fu journey. Without this key component you are better off just watching YouTube videos. Unlike YouTube learning having a designated class structure allows you to learn as if being taught directly. 

In addition to that, structure makes sure no steps are missed in your training. Also, this structure provides you a great foundation to build on later on for more advanced lessons & techniques.

Besides having an overall game plan. Structure allows you to retain your knowledge. From my experience just watching random videos does not prove much help in retaining. Lastly consider this, if you have no plan (structure) then how can you determine your progress?

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Solo Training?

In addition to students asking if it is hard to learn Kung Fu online. I am also asked if it is possible to learn Kung Fu without a training partner? Yes. However, it takes diligence and more practice. Unfortunately nothing can replace having a fellow student throw punches at you to practice your techniques. But there definitely are great alternatives.

For example, using a reflex ball to help you with hand eye coordination and reactivity. These are cheap rubber balls that help you greatly if you lack a training partner. Furthermore, you can even develop good Kung Fu skills through shadow boxing. This cost you nothing but time & energy. Not only does this help you train solo but it also gives you better insights on combinations and flow.

Imagine you throw a 2 strike combo, the last strike you now have to block move and counter with another 2 strike combo. This builds your skills quickly even though you lack a partner. Also, this type of training helps you understand your Kung Fu forms better in terms of applications.

Finally, solo training is also great for developing your mindset. It can be difficult when training with a partner to put destructive intention behind your strikes and movements. Obviously you do not want to hurt anyone. So solo shadow boxing or hitting a punching bag is a great way to develop your mindset and intention behind your movements.

Learn Kung Fu Online: Live Lessons

Of course live lessons are important when looking to learn Kung Fu online. But what do these live lessons consist of? Fist off we always start with an intro call, this helps Sifu see what experience you have (if any) and also what you hope to learn. Next, we go into what goals you have and what drives you to learn this amazing art form. 

At this time you now have viewed your in-depth video lessons and are ready for a live review. This is usually done 1 of 2 ways. Option one is to do a live video lessons (using zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp etc). Here you can ask any questions or comments or concerns you have in your lessons.

Option two is to send in a pre-recorded video of your current lessons for review. In this option Sifu reviews your techniques from join alignment, weight distribution and much more. Finally, you will have a live lessons to go over any critique Sifu has for you to improve.

Through out your 42 month program (shorter if you choose the MSTR Pro) Sifu will continue to meet with you and help you develop Kung Fu skills. Since there is only 1 instructor at this time you will get the same Sifu every time through out your training with detailed notes on every lesson. 

Lastly, live lessons are what make Kung Fu online work. Without these 1 on 1 sessions it is extremely difficult to learn Kung Fu. Whether you choose our program or another, please be sure that your Sifu offers this so you can learn properly and not waste any extra time or money.

Kung Fu Online. Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. Six Monkey Martial Art Online Courses. Monkey Kung Fu Lessons. Kung Fu Lessons Online. Kung Fu Classes Online.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Kung Fu Online?​

Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. Six Monkey Martial Art Online Courses. Monkey Kung Fu Lessons. Kung Fu Lessons Online. Kung Fu Classes Online.

How long does it take to learn Kung Fu online? 42 months. Of course this depends on the Kung Fu style or system you want to learn and if you have any experience. But honestly anything less than 42 months is a little too fast. 

Since most Kung Fu systems have forms, line drills, solo and partner training etc. It takes time to learn these let alone become proficient in them. Not to mention there are many factors like program structure, live lessons and the Sifu’s availability and experience. 

While we covered all of these different topics in this blog. It is important for you to remember at the end of the day it is what works for you. First off you know online training provides a lot more flexibility than in person training.

Next you have more 1 on 1 time with a master than most students ever get in traditional schools. Finally, you also can go back and review lessons at any time. All of these combined make learning Kung Fu online one of the best options around.

In conclusion if you are interested in joining our MSTR (Monkey System Training Regimen) program. Click the learn more button below and you will see our various different options that best suit your time and budget.

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Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. Six Monkey Martial Art Online Courses. Monkey Kung Fu Lessons. Kung Fu Lessons Online. Kung Fu Classes Online.