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Online Kung Fu Lessons In Traditional Monkey Kung Fu

M.S.T.R. Monkey Kung Fu Program Online Kung Fu Lessons

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Monkey Kung Fu: How Online Kung Fu Lessons Work

Program Benefits

Six Monkey Martial Arts is an educational program for new and seasoned martial artists. But we would like to take a moment to explain some of the main benefits of our program. Before we begin I want to explain the biggest benefit of our program. We strive to teach self-discipline and high morals. This means we want our students to work on becoming better people than they were yesterday, not just physically but also mentally and ethically.

It does not matter who you are or where you’ve come from, or even what things you’ve done in your past. Anyone can start fresh and become a better person than they were yesterday. Be a hard worker, do what is right even when no one is watching, stand up for those who are afraid to stand. This is the core of Six Monkey Martial Arts. You could have made many mistakes in your past or just never lived up to your full potential, we want to help guide you down a lifelong path of improving yourself and maybe one day someone else. Our programs have many more benefits than this. We wanted to highlight it as most other martial art schools have lost their way and focus on more students. Quality trumps quantity every time.


Other benefits include:


  • Exercise aids in weight loss: Exercise burns calories, can build muscle, and even increase heart health. All three of these are key to keeping excess weight off and assisting in weight loss. Consistent exercise can lead to a better body image as well as overall health.

  • Exercise lowers stress: Both aerobic exercise (like running or martial arts), as well as anaerobic exercise (like weight lifting or bodyweight movements in martial arts), can significantly lower stress when done consistently. This can lead to even greater advantages like lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

  • Exercise can increase your energy: Routine exercise has proven to increase energy levels by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and the amount of blood your heart can pump.

  • Increase in confidence: Martial arts is well known for its ability to help increase your confidence. Not just body confidence but also confidence knowing that if you are put in a dangerous situation you have had some training to know how to deal with it properly.

  • Better mental health: Some of our students have had greatly reduced anxiety and improved self-esteem. Some studies have shown that meditation (like that done in our program) can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, depression, heart disease, sleep problems, and more.

  • Increased reactivity, speed, and timing: Our program uses two-man drills as well as solo drills that can help you increase your reactivity in a conflict situation. This includes many hard-earned skills like speed, situational awareness, distance control, timing, and more. 

  • Mindfulness: Through our meditation, you can learn to become more mindful of your body, emotions, and situations.

  • Increase in strength: Martial arts is not an easy thing to learn. You must train your body as well as your mind. Our forms and drills can help you increase your strength and power.

  • Balance: Single leg movements and our footwork will help increase your balance and movements during training.


*Our program has so many more advantages than what we list here. It is something to experience rather than be listed. We will help make yourself disciplined and accountable for your training. We succeed when our students succeed. Learn to respect yourself and others by pushing yourself in new ways. Work hard, if you have any other questions about possible benefits please feel free to contact us and we will assist you however we are able. Take care and train hard.

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