What is 6 Monkey Kung Fu?

Monkey Kung Fu is an ancient and revered martial art, which has its roots in the Northern China. This style of martial arts dates back to 1911 and was developed after a man named Kou Sze had a vision of the Monkey King Sun WuKong. Although similar to other martial arts forms, Monkey Kung Fu has its own unique features that differentiate it from the rest.

In order to properly learn and practice Monkey Kung Fu, one must first understand the basics of this form of martial arts: what it is, how it functions, and why it uses six monkeys for representation before beginning any formal training.

It is important for practitioners to be aware of all aspects of this form before delving into practicing the various drills and forms associated with Monkey Kung Fu. For example, some drills involve stances involving monkeys or certain body movements while others involve grabbing techniques or even learning how to defend against punches or kicks.

Learning Monkey Kung Fu online can be an efficient way to gain knowledge about the form while also practicing proper technique remotely. In some scenarios, this may even be better than attending a school as there are no time constraints associated with online learning; practitioners can take as long as they need to master each technique or form without any pressure from instructors or other students.

Additionally, if one does not feel comfortable attending classes at a physical location due to scheduling conflicts or for health-related reasons then online learning can provide an excellent alternative choice.

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Why 6 Monkeys?

First off you need to understand a little bit of Monkey Kung Fu history. Before Sino Kou Sze created Tai Shing (Monkey Kung Fu). He was a grand master of an art called Tei Tong. Tei Tong was a low to the ground hard style of Kung Fu.

While serving a prison sentence Kou Sze had a vision of Sun Waking (Monkey King). Also, in this vision Sun Wukong taught Kou Sze Monkey Kung Fu through 6 variations.


1 – Tall Monkey

First there was Tall Monkey Kung Fu. A powerful art form where you focus on fluid movements followed by breaking techniques.


2 – Lost Monkey

Next there was Lost Monkey Kung Fu. A timid and quick style. In this form you focus on quick precise striking while learning simultaneous block and strike.


3 – Stone Monkey

After that was Stone Monkey Kung Fu. By far the strongest style where you harness your alpha mindset. Then you train rooting your strikes through destructive offense.


4 – Drunken Monkey

Following was Drunken Monkey Kung Fu. Or properly known as Monkey steals masters wine. Here you learn to relax and use your internal power for tricking vitals and weak areas.


5 – Wood Monkey

Fifth was Wood Monkey Kung Fu. An extremely aggressive style where your only intent is to destroy your opponent as quick as possible.


6 – Night Monkey

Lastly, there was Night Monkey Kung Fu. The rarest form of all Monkey Kung Fu. In this hidden style you combine the 5 day monkeys and use advanced knowledge of pressure points, Qi blocking and deadly techniques to stop adversaries.

Brief History

Sijo Kou Sze is an iconic figure in the martial arts world, having created the style of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. This distinctive style was born out of a vision he had while serving a prison sentence. He had an epiphany when Sun Wukong, better known as The Monkey King, appeared to him and taught him the six unique variations that comprise this ancient art.

These six distinct forms are Tall Monkey, Lost Monkey, Stone Monkey, Drunken Monkey, Wood Monkey and Night Monkey. Each variation focuses on different aspects of combat such as hand strikes, kicks and joint locks with each providing its own unique benefit when combined together.

The style of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu has been used for centuries by martial artists seeking to enhance their overall skill level in unarmed combat. By training in all six variations with their respective strengths and weaknesses a practitioner will become well-rounded in their technique allowing them to defeat opponents using any form of hand-to-hand combat available to them.
The art’s focus on agility and balance gives practitioners a distinct advantage over their opponents due to the unpredictability each variation brings to the fight.

Though many consider Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu one of the more difficult styles to master due its complexity and multiple forms it remains widely practiced today by martial artists looking to gain a competitive edge through its combination of styles and techniques.

This demanding yet rewarding fighting style has earned its place within the pantheon of the most revered martial arts and will continue to do so for years to come thanks to its dedicated followers who keep this ancient practice alive worldwide.


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The Chinese have a powerful martial art that comes with theatrical flair – adapted by opera actors and attributed to the mighty Monkey King of popular myths. This makes it as much an impressive showmanship as effective self-defense!
Fighting style and abilities. He seems to be skilled in monkey-style kung fu.
A powerful southern Chinese martial art, Lung Ying (Dragon form) is renowned for its short to medium range attacks and gripping techniques. Practitioners of this style make extensive use of their forearms in order to maximize impact from each technique.
Master Po has recently unleashed a revolutionary fighting style called Panda Style! Not only is it one of the twelve original kung fu styles, but its unique ‘Belly’ defense leaves opponents exhausted. When they least expect it, students can then launch surprise counterattacks that look like accidents – making them almost untouchable masters in battle! (This is a joke for those who don’t know, Kung Fu Panda).C
Wukong is an endlessly clever vastayan trickster and master of Wuju martial arts. His impressive strength, agility, and intelligence have proven to be a formidable force on the battlefield when combined with his close ally Master Yi’s warrior prowess. Together they are nearly unbeatable!
Kung Fu is a defensive art form, perfect for close-quarters combat. Karate on the other hand uses powerful strikes to take down opponents quickly and efficiently. In essence, Kung Fu helps you restrain your opponent while Karate gives you an offensive edge in any altercation.

Sun Wukong was a legendary figure who could boast of his superhuman strength – he could traverse epic distances in the blink of an eye, while being masterful at transforming into any creature or object you can imagine. With 72 shapeshifting abilities up his sleeve, there seemed to be nothing this formidable hero couldn’t do!
Black Tiger kung fu is a dynamic martial art that stands out for its varied footwork, daring acrobatics and distinctive fist position. The style’s low stance emphasizes power while the clenched thumb gives it an iconic look!
Kung Fu practitioners in China have for centuries derived inspiration from their animal counterparts, creating five distinct fighting styles known as Ng Ying Kung Fu. Favored by martial artists in the Southern provinces of Guangdong and Fujian, this unique style blends strength with agility to help cultivate a powerful balance between body and mind.