Discover the Hidden Power of Stone Monkey Martial Arts

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Stone Monkey is one of the best – and deadliest – martial arts methods practiced today. Despite its power and effectiveness, few people know about Stone Monkey. Instead, many choose to study the many substyles of techniques such as Tai Shing – and miss out on one of martial art’s hidden secrets.


In order to increase awareness about one of the deadliest martial arts around, this blog will cover the technique of Stone Monkey – including the mindset, form, and practical techniques. 


Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of understanding and mastering Stone Monkey – one of martial art’s rarest art forms.

The Three Keys to Stone Monkey

The Mindset of Stone Monkey Martial Arts


The Mindset of Stone Monkey is known as an alpha mindset


An alpha monkey will fight hard to protect his troop with every ounce of its being. This mindset helps Stone Monkey practitioners defend themselves in the same way – strategically using every ounce of their being.


What sets this mindset apart is that Stone Monkey isn’t used to defend oneself alone. You must have a Stone Monkey mind that helps you focus on protecting everyone and everything you care for. 


Stone Monkey forces the practitioner to be very aggressive. This means they must focus solely on forward trapping and overwhelming an opponent. No retreating is possible for the monkey as it fights to protect all that it values in life.  


This mindset is what makes Stone Monkey one of the deadliest martial arts. 


The Form of Stone Monkey Martial Arts


When it comes to form, Stone Monkey tends to a draining one.


From beginning to end, Stone Monkey practitioners must put their full effort into each strike and block. Stone Monkey form uses trapping and rooting on the front leg to maximize power in each strike. 


A major key to Stone Monkey form is learning how to be extremely powerful while having the ability to relax immediately. This helps you fight effectively and efficiently – keeping you from wearing yourself out too quickly and giving your opponent an upper hand.

Practical Techniques of Stone Monkey Martial Arts


With the mindset and form in mind, it is time to cover practical aspects of the Stone Monkey techniques. 


Return to the form and mindset of the monkey. The monkey uses aggressive footwork and trapping techniques in the fight, working hard to defend everything it holds dear. 


However, what does the Stone Monkey do when defending against an opponent?


For example, should an opponent punch out at you, Stone Monkey teaches you to respond quickly with a well-timed trap and block that attacks and counters with a devastating blow. 


Another practical technique of Stone Monkey is the practicing of the Iron Shirt method. With the Iron Shirt method, a Stone Monkey practitioner can build up the ability to withstand blows and strikes and still maintain control of their body and fight back quickly.


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