Precise Striking of Wood Monkey Kung Fu

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Wood Monkey Kung Fu is the rarest sub style of Tai Shing Kung Fu. This monkey is always taught last in Tai Shing due to the precise techniques it teaches.


At Six Monkey Martial Arts we teach the 3 keys to mastering Wood Monkey Kung Fu. First is the Wood Monkey Mindset. Next we will dive into the Wood Monkey Form. Finally we will briefly discuss the Wood Monkey Applications.


Wood Monkey Mindset

First, lets go over the wood monkey mindset. We teach this mindset using a taoist principle called Wu Wei. Wu Wei means effortless effort. Wood Monkey is meant to be a very fluid Kung Fu style that focuses on the precise striking and internal energy for striking. This style involves much meditation as well as Qigong (cultivating vitality) to help our students clear their minds and enhance their awareness. We also teach our students to use the Wood Monkey mindset in all applications, forms and sparring. Wood Monkey Mindset is unlike any of the other monkeys as it is solely focused on being effortless.


Wood Monkey Form

Next, we have the Wood Monkey Form. This is the shortest form in Tai Shing Kung Fu but can be the most difficult for students to master. We first begin the form with a series of what we call root snatching kicks. These are kicks students learn to break an opponents stance to bring them down or weaken their footwork capabilities. Then in the form we teach our students to enhance their fluidity by showing them how to link each technique as one long combination. Finally, we show our students more of applying Wu Wei to Wood Monkey Form. We do this through extensive footwork training & using 3 external harmonies for movements.


Wood Monkey Applications

Finally, we can dive into the Wood Monkey Applications. Once our students have understood the basics of our Wood Monkey Form we can move on to how to apply them to sparring and self defense situations. As we stated earlier Wood Monkey begins with root snatching techniques. This is essential for our students to quickly become effective in their Wood Monkey techniques. Most people do not expect strikes or sweeps to break their stances and gives our students an element of surprise on their side. While many MMA places are teaching leg kicks, few teach where to strike and only focus on power rather than technique.

Next we teach our students how to use their full body to greatly increase their strength, power and speed with all of their techniques. We do this by teaching something called the 6 Harmonies. We will discuss this more in future blogs, but basically the 6 harmonies are using 3 external techniques and 3 internal techniques to make any of our students strike harder & faster with more power.



In conclusion, Wood Monkey Kung Fu is an amazing style we teach and can only be found here. 

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