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Learn The Ultimate Monkey System

Embark on a journey to unlock your inner warrior. Develop new skills, deep strength, and a discipline unlike any other. This 21 month program takes you deom beginner to master in the rare art of Tai Shing Kung Fu. With step by step videos, 1 on 1 guidance and live classes you can guarantee success!

Kung Fu Monkey

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M.S.T.R. (Monkey System Training Regimen) is a 21-month program that takes you from Novice to Master to Instructor. Sifu (Master) Barber has designed a platform that takes you through 300+ detailed video lessons—each lesson building on that before it. This with 1 on 1 guidance will make you a master of the art Tai Shing (Monkey Kung Fu).

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21 Month Program

  • First 30 Days Free
  • No Contract
  • Free Welcome Call
  • Weekly Progress Reviews
  • M.S.T.R. Community WhatsApp Chat
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • Custom Kung Fu Plan
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Additional Tips From Sifu
  • Mobile App & Web Access
  • Free Uniform After Month 2
  • Free Sash After Test
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  • Teaching Certificate At End of Program
Monkey Kung Fu

Experience True Mastery

With over 300+ detailed lessons, you will be able to learn this entire art form down to the smallest detail. 1 on 1 training with Sifu Barber will allow you to refine your skills to the highest level!

Start With Basics

Learn Foundational Movements, Kicks, Strikes and Philsophy

Journey Through 5 Day Monkeys

Tall Monkey & Drunken Monkey Kung Fu

Learn Unique Offensive & Defensive Techiques

Lost Monkey & Stone Monkey Kung Fu

Earn Official Rank After Each Monkey

Wood Monkey Kung Fu

Develop Mastery Through Forbidden Night Monkey

Enhance Your Training Through Mastery of Pressure Points, Meditation, Qigong and more!


Develop a strong foundation through basic movements.


Condition your arms, hands, shins and body to be a deadly weapon.

Meditation & Qigong

Empty your cup through guided meditation methods.


Learn 6 Traditional empty hand forms & 2 staff forms.


Learn practical combative skills for self-defense and fighting. Solo drills, partner drills, staff training, and more!

Mastery & Teaching

End of the program you will receive a black sash & teaching certification.




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See what some of our students love about Six Monkey Martial Arts.

Six Monkey Martial Arts is everything I hoped it would be and more! I definitely recommend the M.S.T.R. course because it is so thorough with the exercises, drills, conditioning, meditation, Qigong, 1 on 1 training and so much more. I am new to martial arts and the personalized feedback is detailed and invaluably helpful.

Jacob C.

Superb school - really enjoyable training. Sifu is detailed, clear and has created a progressive, comprehensive program. Highly recommend.

Celeste C.

Really cool platform for learning real Kung Fu. I wasn't sure about it at first but the private lessons with Sifu have really helped me progress quickly. Plus I get held accountable in my training and its fair priced.

Jose G.

I have gained so much confidence in myself through this training. Sifu Barber is a great instructor and works with me often to help me refine my skillset.

Melissa L.


When you join our M.S.T.R. Pro Program you not only get the Novice to Master training materials. But you also get all of the below and more included for FREE! A $900 value included when you join M.S.T.R. Pro

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Kung Fu Monkey
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About Tai Shing Kung Fu

Sijo Kou Sze is an iconic figure in the martial arts world, having created the style of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. This distinctive style was born out of a vision he had while serving a prison sentence. He had an epiphany when Sun Wukong, better known as The Monkey King, appeared to him and taught him the six unique variations that comprise this ancient art.

These six distinct forms are Tall Monkey, Lost Monkey, Stone Monkey, Drunken Monkey, Wood Monkey and Night Monkey. Each variation focuses on different aspects of combat such as hand strikes, kicks and joint locks with each providing its own unique benefit when combined together.