How to Learn Tall Monkey Kung Fu?

Tall Monkey Kung Fu

How to Learn Tall Monkey Kung Fu with Six Monkey Martial Arts

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a unique form of Chinese martial arts that imitates the movements and behavior of monkeys. It involves agile footwork, jumps, rolls, and swift strikes that can surprise and overwhelm opponents. If you want to master this style, one effective way is to study the Six Monkey Martial Arts system, which breaks down the techniques into five distinct styles.

Step 1: Find a Qualified Instructor

Before you start practicing Tall Monkey Kung Fu or any martial art, it’s important to find a qualified instructor who can guide you through the fundamentals and ensure your safety. Look for someone who has experience in teaching Tall Monkey Kung Fu and who can explain the principles clearly. Before committing to their classes, you may also want to check their credentials, reputation, and teaching style.

Step 2: Learn the Basics of Monkey Kung Fu

Once you have found an instructor, you can start learning the five basics of Tall Monkey Kung Fu. These include:

  • Kicks (Ti)- Tall Monkey Kung Fu utilizes high distraction kicks and low crouching kicks to take down an opponent.
  • Strikes (Da)- Tall Monkey Kung Fu uses long-range striking techniques to control distance.
  • Throws (Shuai)- Since Tall Monkey Kung Fu works on long-range striking, it also uses throws/sweeps when an opponent gets too close.
  • Grappling (Na)- In addition to taking an opponent down. Tall Monkey Kung Fu has a handful of Chin Na techniques to break limbs.
  • Ramming (Zhuang)- Tall Monkey Kung Fu uses a technique called Lam Da to knock an opponent back into striking range.

Your instructor will teach you these styles gradually, starting with basic techniques such as stances, punches, kicks, blocks, and combinations. You will also need to practice conditioning exercises such as stretching, strength training, endurance drills, and meditation.

Step 3: Practice Consistently

Becoming proficient in Tall Monkey Kung Fu or any martial art requires consistent practice. Make sure you attend your classes regularly and follow your instructor’s guidance on how much practice you need outside class. You may also want to join a community of fellow students who can support each other’s progress.

Step 4: Refine Your Skills Through Sparring

Once you have mastered the basics of Tall Monkey Kung Fu, you can test your skills through sparring with other students or under supervision from your instructor. Sparring allows you to apply what you have learned in realistic scenarios while improving your timing, reflexes, and strategy-making ability. 

In conclusion, Learning Tall Money Kung Fu with Six Money Martial Arts takes dedication but is rewarding when done right. By following these steps — finding an experienced teacher; learning five basics; practicing consistently; refining skills through sparring — anyone can learn this exciting form of martial arts!M

Tall Monkey Kung Fu

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How Does Tall Monkey Kung Fu Work?

Have you ever heard of Tall Monkey Kung Fu? It’s a unique style of martial arts that originated in China and is known for its distinctive movements and techniques. But how does it work? 

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is based on the movements of the monkey, which are adapted to human anatomy. The style emphasizes agility, speed, and flexibility, and practitioners aim to move fluidly and efficiently like a monkey. One of the key principles of Tall Monkey Kung Fu is using the body’s natural structure to generate power. Rather than relying solely on muscular strength, practitioners use their entire body to generate force. 

This means that even smaller or weaker individuals can become proficient in the style. Another important aspect of Tall Monkey Kung Fu is its use of “soft” techniques. Unlike some other martial arts styles that emphasize hard strikes and blocks, Tall Monkey Kung Fu focuses on redirecting an opponent’s energy rather than meeting it head-on. This allows practitioners to use an attacker’s own momentum against them. 

Tall Monkey Kung Fu also places a strong emphasis on footwork. Practitioners are trained to constantly shift their weight and maintain balance while moving quickly and evading attacks. Overall, Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a highly effective martial arts style that emphasizes fluidity, efficiency, and adaptability. Whether you’re interested in self-defense or simply want to improve your physical fitness, learning this unique style can be a rewarding experience. 

So if you’re looking for a new challenge, why not give Tall Monkey Kung Fu a try? You might just be surprised at what you’re capable of achieving!


What is the History of Tall Monkey Kung Fu?

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Tall Monkey Kung Fu, also known as “Gao Hou” Kung Fu, is a unique style of Chinese martial arts that originated during the Qing dynasty. Legend has it that the style was created by a man who observed the movements of monkeys while meditating in the forest. 

The man noticed how they used their long arms and legs to swing from tree to tree with great agility and grace. He then developed a fighting technique based on these observations, incorporating fluid movements and acrobatics into his system. 

Over time, Tall Monkey Kung Fu gained popularity among martial artists in China and beyond for its effectiveness in combat and its beautiful, flowing forms. Today, practitioners continue to study this ancient art form, seeking to master its techniques and preserve its rich history.

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Tall Monkey Kung Fu Meditation

What Are the Main Techniques of Tall Monkey Kung Fu?

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a unique style of martial arts that originated in China. It is known for its grounded and agile movements, as well as its focus on speed and precision. One of the most distinctive features of this style is the use of monkey-like movements and techniques to confuse and outmaneuver opponents. Here are some of the main techniques used in Tall Monkey Kung Fu:

  1. Monkey Stance: This stance involves standing with your weight centered over one leg while the other leg is bent at the knee with the foot raised off the ground. This allows for quick movement and changes in direction.
  2. Monkey Roll: The monkey roll is a technique used to avoid attacks by rolling out of harm’s way. This move requires flexibility and agility to execute properly.
  3. Monkey Grab: This technique involves grabbing an opponent’s limbs or clothing and using their momentum against them to throw them off balance.
  4. Monkey Jump: The monkey jump is a powerful move that allows practitioners to leap high into the air or across long distances, surprising opponents and evading attacks.
  5. Tail Sweep: The tail sweep involves using your leg like a monkey’s tail to sweep an opponent’s legs out from under them.
  6. Monkey Fist: The monkey fist is a powerful punch that utilizes all four knuckles instead of just two, increasing its impact.

These are just a few examples of the many techniques used in Tall Monkey Kung Fu. Practitioners must also develop good footwork, timing, and coordination in order to effectively use these techniques in combat. In addition to being an effective form of self-defense, 

Tall Monkey Kung Fu also provides numerous health benefits such as improved flexibility, strength, and balance. It can also be a fun and challenging way to stay active and learn about Chinese culture. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Tall Monkey Kung Fu or any other martial art, consider finding a local studio or instructor who can guide you through your training journey! I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with.


How is Tall Monkey Kung Fu Different From Other Martial Arts Disciplines?

How is Tall Monkey Kung Fu Different From Other Martial Arts Disciplines?

Martial arts have been around for centuries and come in many different styles and disciplines. One such style is Tall Monkey Kung Fu, also known as Tai Shing Kung Fu. This unique martial arts discipline has its roots in China and has gained popularity around the world. But how exactly is Tall Monkey Kung Fu different from other martial arts disciplines? Let’s take a closer look.

The Origins of Tall Monkey Kung Fu

Tall Monkey Kung Fu was developed by a man named Kou Sze, who lived in China during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). Kou Sze was inspired by observing monkeys’ movements in nature and incorporated their natural agility and flexibility into his fighting style. Over time, Kou Sze refined his technique, and today, Tall Monkey Kung Fu is recognized as one of China’s ten major styles of martial arts.

Unique Characteristics of Tall Monkey Kung Fu

Tall Monkey Kung Fu distinguishes itself from other martial arts disciplines in several ways:

1. Emphasis on Speed and Agility

As previously mentioned, one of the main influences behind Tall Monkey Kung Fu is the movement of monkeys. Monkeys are known for their incredible speed and agility, which are essential elements of this martial art form. Practitioners learn to move quickly and with precision, making them difficult to catch or hit.

2. Unconventional Techniques

Tall Monkey Kung Fu incorporates many unconventional techniques that are not found in other martial arts disciplines. For example, practitioners may use rolling techniques or crawling on all fours to evade attacks or get into a better position to strike.

3. Long Combat Focus

Unlike some other forms of martial arts that rely on solely close combat, Tall Monkey Kung Fu emphasizes long combat techniques such as Qiu Sao and other long-range striking techniques. Practitioners learn how to control an opponent’s movements by using distance control, leverage, and pressure points.

4. Use of Weapons

While some martial arts focus solely on hand-to-hand combat techniques, Tall Monkey Kung Fu also incorporates weapons training into its practice, the Monkey Staff is a great example of how Tall Monkey maintains its use of long range techniques.

Benefits of Practicing Tall Monkey Kung Fu

Like any martial art form, practicing Tall Monkey Kung Fu offers numerous benefits beyond self-defense skills:

  • Improved physical fitness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced coordination
  • Boosted confidence
  • Reduced stress levels


Tall Monkey Kung Fu may not be as well-known as some other martial arts disciplines like karate or taekwondo; however, it offers unique characteristics that set it apart from other forms. Its emphasis on speed and agility combined with unconventional techniques make it an exciting discipline to learn for those interested in martial arts.

How to Take Tall Monkey Kung Fu Courses Online?


Are you interested in learning Tall Monkey Kung Fu but don’t have access to a local martial arts school? Look no further than Six Monkey Martial Arts, where you can take Tall Monkey Kung Fu courses online from the comfort of your own home. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Visit the Six Monkey Martial Arts website and navigate to the “Tall Monkey Kung Fu” course.
  2. Choose a course that suits your interests. There are courses for all skill levels and practitioners.
  3. Purchase the course using the secure payment system.
  4. Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll have immediate access to your online student portal.
  5. Log in to your account on the Six Monkey Martial Arts website and start learning! The courses include video lessons, written materials, and interactive exercises. Be sure to take advantage of the live lessons for 1 on 1 feedback!

But why choose Six Monkey Martial Arts for your Tall Monkey training?

 Firstly, their instructors are highly skilled and experienced in teaching martial arts online. They understand how to communicate effectively through video lessons and provide personalized feedback on your progress. 

Secondly, their curriculum is comprehensive and well-structured. You’ll learn everything from basic techniques to advanced forms, as well as principles of balance, flexibility, and self-defense. 

Finally, their community is supportive and welcoming. You’ll have access to forums where you can ask questions, share tips with other students, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for martial arts. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Tall Monkey course at Six Monkey Martial Arts today and start your journey towards mastery!

What Are the Primary Principles of Tall Monkey Kung Fu?

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a unique martial art that combines elements of traditional Chinese Kung Fu with the movements of monkeys. This style of Kung Fu is known for its acrobatic and fluid movements, as well as its emphasis on speed and agility. At the core of there are several primary principles that practitioners must master in order to become skilled in this art.

Principle 1: Fluidity

One of the key principles of Tall Monkey Kung Fu is fluidity. Practitioners must learn to move seamlessly from one technique to another, without any breaks or pauses. This requires a high degree of flexibility and coordination, as well as an understanding of how to transition between different movements smoothly.

Principle 2: Speed

Another important principle is speed. The style emphasizes quick, agile movements that allow practitioners to strike their opponents rapidly and effectively. To achieve this level of speed, practitioners must train extensively in footwork, hand techniques, and sparring drills.

Principle 3: Balance

Balance is also critical in Tall Monkey Kung Fu. Because this style involves many acrobatic movements and jumps, practitioners must have excellent balance and control over their bodies at all times. This requires both physical training (such as practicing on balance beams or other unstable surfaces) as well as mental focus and concentration.

Principle 4: Creativity

Finally, Tall Monkey Kung Fu encourages creativity among its practitioners. While there are certain forms and techniques that are taught within the style, students are also encouraged to develop their own unique approaches to fighting based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. This allows for a great deal of personal expression within the art form. 

In conclusion, Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a fascinating martial art that combines athleticism, creativity, and discipline. By mastering these primary principles – fluidity, speed, balance, and creativity – students can become skilled practitioners who are able to defend themselves effectively while also expressing themselves through movement. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique form of martial arts, be sure to seek out a qualified instructor who can guide you through your training!

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Who Can Practice Tall Monkey Kung Fu?

Tall Monkey Kung Fu is a unique form of martial arts that originated in China. It is known for its fluid movements and acrobatic techniques that mimic the movements of a monkey. While it may seem like an intimidating style to practice, anyone can learn and practice Tall Monkey Kung Fu. 

One of the great things about Tall Monkey Kung Fu is that it doesn’t require any specific body type or physical ability. In fact, the style was developed by monks who wanted to create a martial art that could be practiced by people of all ages and abilities. The focus is on developing flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination through practicing the various forms and techniques. 

Another important aspect of Tall Monkey Kung Fu is its emphasis on ethics and values. Practitioners are taught to respect their opponents and use their skills only in self-defense or in defense of others. The style also emphasizes humility, perseverance, and discipline. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, learn self-defense skills, or simply try something new, Tall Monkey Kung Fu can be a great choice. 

Many schools offer classes for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. With consistent practice and dedication, anyone can become proficient in this unique style of martial arts. 

So if you’re interested in learning more about Tall Monkey Kung Fu or finding a school near you, do some research online or ask around in your local community. Who knows? This ancient Chinese martial art might just be the perfect fit for you!


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