What is Drunken Monkey Kung Fu?

Drunken Monkey Kung Fu

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There are few online martial arts courses that are as popular as Drunken Monkey. However, few who search online for Drunken Monkey methods truly understand what this fascinating and unique martial arts technique actually is!


In this blog, we will break down the three most crucial aspects of Drunken Monkey: mindset, form, and practical techniques. All three of these key elements will help you understand Drunken Monkey better, and show you how to train in it more effectively if you’ve joined our online martial arts course.

Back to Basics: Tai Shing


Before you can learn about Drunken Money Kung Fu, you must go back to the basics.


In Tai Shing, each of the six monkeys all have a unique and individual mindset. These mindsets have to be trained during your forms and partner drills in order to learn how to use them properly. 


These mindsets vary in most martial arts. Some styles are more defensive and blocking-based, while others focus on being evasive with good footwork. Some are purely aggressive in their nature.


Without a proper mindset in any of the six, your martial arts techniques will not be as practical and effective. That being said, let’s take a look at the Drunken Monkey Mindset. 

Drunken Monkey Kung Fu Mindset


The Drunken Monkey mindset is a very fluid and evasive mindset. The Drunken mind leads you to move and deflect to position yourself for a more deadly strike – while making yourself harder to hit by an opponent. 


In short, Drunken Monkey teaches this basic tenant: take the path of least resistance.  Why block when one can deflect and move? 

Can You Learn Techniques without Mindset?


A common question we receive about any of the Tai Shing mindsets is this: “Can you just learn the techniques and not the mindsets?” 


The short answer is “Yes, you can.” 


However, simply learning the techniques without the mindset will keep you from unlocking the true power of the method. Drunken Monkey – like all of these mindsets – work because they are time-tested and proven through the combination of mindset and technique.


Think of it this way: Can you put regular gas in a high-end sports car? Yes, you technically can, but it won’t run nearly as well. The same principle works with martial arts techniques and mindset. You must put the proper mindset to work in order to unlock the power of the technique.


Drunken Monkey Kung Fu: A Closer Look


Let’s take a look at the amazing Drunken Monkey form. 


Believe it or not, the proper title for Drunken Monkey is “Monkey Steals Masters Wine”. While this may sound funny, understanding this title is essential. In Drunken Monkey, you are to strike and move with an increasing sense of being intoxicated!


In the beginning, Drunken Monkey starts like any other form. However, about midway through, the movements and techniques are done differently. The movements take on an increasingly “intoxicated” fashion, with an emphasis on the deflecting movements mentioned earlier. 


Most martial arts practitioners do not like doing forms. In fact, most students will try to skip them entirely. This is a huge mistake. Forms teach foundational movements and help to combine striking, moving, and mindset into one awesome art form. 

Take the Drunken Monkey form for example. You can train the Drunken Monkey hands, ghost hands, gor sao, Drunken fluidity, line drills, and more. But without the form, you lose a lot of the true essence of Drunken Monkey. 


Remember: the form forces you to understand all of the other movements – not the other way around.


Drunken Monkey Kung Fu Techniques


Finally, let’s take a brief look at Drunken Monkey’s practical techniques. 


All of Tai Shing martial arts feature deadly and devastating techniques, and the way each is done is very different.

Most importantly, all six of the monkey forms also have their own techniques known as “specialty hands.”


In Drunken Monkey, the specialty hand is called Ghost Hands. This handset works by deflecting attacks while circle-stepping to gain a better advantage on your opponent. 


Ghost Hands allows you to focus on striking more vulnerable areas, such as the base of the neck, groin, solar plexus, and much more. These techniques are practical and can work on almost any opponent if you train regularly and combine the Drunken Monkey mindset with the proper technique.


Unlock All 6 Monkeys with Six Monkey Martial Arts Online


Drunken Monkey is only one of the six monkeys in Tai Shing. The others are Tall, Lost, Stone, Wood, and Night Monkey. If you are interested in Drunken, or any of the other styles of Tai Shing, we invite you to contact us any time. 


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