What Are The Best Kung Fu Techniques?

Some of the best Kung Fu techniques are Hammer Fists and Dim Mak techniques. Here we will cover a bit of both.

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What are the best Kung Fu techniques?

Some of the best Kung Fu techniques you can learn are Hammer Fists and Dim Mak. Both are incredibly rare to find amongst Shifu’s/Sifu’s (Kung Fu masters). What’s so impressive with these techniques is that they require you to learn internal & external methods of Kung Fu.

First you begin with external methods of Kung Fu. For our system that includes 3 external harmonies.

  • Hand lands with Foot
  • Elbow & Knee sink/float together
  • Shoulder & Waist twist together

For example if you are throwing a jab you would want your hand to hit the bag at the same moment your foot hits the ground. Or if you were throwing a Gwa Choi (hammer fist) you would want your elbow and knee to drop together. 

In addition you would also want your shoulder and hip to twist in the same direction when throwing a hook punch. These external harmonies play a huge part in proper Kung Fu techniques for power development & structure. Furthermore, these harmonies play a vital role in joint alignment which prevents injuries.

Lastly, the external harmonies are the opening gateway. What I mean by that is in order to learn internal methods of Kung Fu. You need to first understand and master the external methods of Kung Fu techniques.

What are Internal Methods of Kung Fu?

First off to understand internal methods of Kung Fu techniques. We need to break down what an internal Kung Fu style/system is. An internal Kung Fu style is a type of Kung Fu that dedicates a large amount of time to Qi Development. 

Qi or Chi is the term of internal energy or life force or vital energy. Cultivating and balancing Qi is done through a method called Qigong and meditation. Now why is this important and what does this have to do with your Kung Fu techniques?

Qi is used to further enhance your Kung Fu techniques by adding this internal power to every movement. This is done through our next set the internal harmonies.

  • Heart with Intention 
  • Intention with Qi
  • Qi with Movement 

While the external harmonies focus on join alignment and structure. Internal harmonies help you put intention and Qi behind every strike. This can make a huge difference in your striking power. 

Of course an internal Kung Fu style is nothing without meditation. Daily meditation helps you clear your mind so your intentions become clearly, stronger & more refined. Also, a internal Kung Fu styles uses knowledge of Dim Mak pressure points to effectively take out opponents quickly.

Finally, internal Kung Fu methods are designed to help you increase your inner power and find balance within yourself. This is great for Kung Fu but also helps you find balance in life.

Kung Fu Techniques: Hammer Fists & Ax Fists

One of the best Kung Fu techniques are Hammer Fists. Hammer Fists are nothing unique to Kung Fu but the method of which they are use is. First off there is a unique difference between Hammer Fists and Ax Fists. Along with internal Kung Fu methods Hammer fists are an extremely effective Kung Fu technique.

Along with Qi cultivating, Hammer fists allow you to utilize your whole body external & internal power. Also, Hammer fists allow you to easily transfer Qi into sticks due to its brute force methods. Proper Hammer fist technique is what is mainly used in Kung Fu demonstrations like breaking bricks and coconuts. 

While these can be more for show applications, they do demonstrate the great power of Hammer fists. Unlike regular boxing strikes, Hammer fists allow you to break down an opponents guard with ease. For example, most martial artist aim for head strikes. However, Hammer fist Kung Fu techniques focus on striking an opponent and their Qiu (Bridge or arms).

While head striking is great, using Hammer fists to attack an opponents arms quickly disables their ability to strike and block. Especially since Hammer fists carry such blunt force plus additional energy from Qi infused with your strikes.  

Lastly we have Ax fists! These are a much more advanced version of Hammer fists. Unlike Hammer fist Kung Fu techniques, Ax fists do not use blunt force. Rather, As fists uses a much more refined intention & internal energy to penetrate or cut your strike deeper into your opponent. For example, if you think hitting a piece of paper and it crumbles that is Hammer fists, when it then has a hole in it or tear that is an Ax fist.

Dim Mak Techniques

Undoubtably, Dim Mak techniques are one of the best Kung Fu techniques. That being said, this also means they are also the most kept secret and misunderstood concepts. Dim Mak translates to “spotting blood” or commonly as pressure points. 

Without a doubt Dim Mak Kung Fu techniques are the most misunderstood aspects of Kung Fu. In spite of many false Shifu’s/Sifu’s claim Dim Mak as “death touch”. This is far from the truth.

So what is Dim Mak? Dim Mak is knowledge and application of striking/manipulating an opponents Qi. Along with knowledge of the Qi meridians and strike enhancers, these Kung Fu techniques are very rare.

What are Dim Mak Kung Fu techniques? For example, if you strike the inside of the bicep midway between the elbow and shoulder joint. And right between the tricep & bicep muscle. You will find a Dim Mak point called Heart 2.

In addition to great pain, your opponent will also suffer some Qi flow to their heart (please don’t try this). Lastly, Dim Mak is rarely taught to beginners due to its nature to easily injure a training partner. If you want to learn these Kung Fu techniques please be sure you have a good Sifu.


What are the best Kung Fu techniques? Without a doubt they are Hammer Fists & Dim Mak Kung Fu techniques. Combined together, these unique and deadly Kung Fu skills make you a very effective fighter and Kung Fu practitioner. Before you can learn either one of these Kung Fu techniques, you have to find a school or online program that teaches them!

Definitely look for three key things when deciding which school/program to join. Firstly, does the instructor have lineage? In Kung Fu lineage shows you are an authentic master and have learned from the same instructors as taught by that systems founder. Secondly, be sure that the instructor does not teach Dim Mak Kung Fu techniques on day one. I know this sounds crazy but its for your safety as well as any training partners you may have.

Thirdly, you have to learn from a Kung Fu system. A Kung Fu system is an art form that has no lax in its traditions and techniques. For example, if you lack to turn your hand over for a cross it is incorrect. In a Kung Fu style you have a bit more freedom in your form and techniques. I can assure you this type of relaxed training only leads to bad technique and lazy mindsets.

Finally, if you truly want to learn these Kung Fu techniques, you need to be patient. Internal Kung Fu methods take time to develop and develop properly. Do not let your ego take control and make you believe false progress, for example when you meditate and say my mind is empty. I can assure you meditating one time will not clear your mind. However, over time and constant discipline you will see success and be able to master the best Kung Fu techniques.

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