Online Kung Fu Lessons In Traditional Monkey Kung Fu

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This course is designed for those who want to practice the more self defensive & combative side of Tai Shing. This course has no forms or meditations, just devastating techniques and drills to increase your martial art capabilities. In this course you will receive:

  • Basic Monkey Hands
  • 40 Kicks
  • Snatching Hands Drill
  • Dispersing Hands Drill
  • Trapping Hands Drill
  • Ghost Hands Drill
  • Poison Hands Drill
  • 18 Blocks & Strikes
  • Basic & Intermediate Gor Sao
  • San Sao Drill
  • Fluidity & Line Drills For All 5 Monkeys
  • Sweeps & Throws
  • Takedowns & Defenses
  • Monkey Hands For All 5 Monkeys
  • Root Snatching
  • Bridge Destroying 
  • And More!

Six Payments of $99 (Videos Released Monthly)

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