Online Kung Fu Lessons In Traditional Monkey Kung Fu

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M.S.T.R. stands for Monkey System Training Regimen. This is a 42 month program that teaches all the fundamentals of Tai Shing. Tai Shing is a very rare martial art that has 5 inner styles. Tall Monkey, Lost Monkey, Stone Monkey, Drunken Monkey and Wood Monkey. Each style has unique and devastating techniques that can be used for self defense, fighting and/or tournament sparring. Here are some of the many disciplines you will learn:

  • 8 Martial Art Forms
  • 40 kicks
  • Trapping, Snatching, Dispersing, Ghost & Poison Hands
  • Partner & Solo Drills
  • Body, Arm, Leg & Hand Conditioning
  • Full Body Exercise
  • Meditation & Qigong
  • Self Defense & Sparring
  • 5 Monkeys
  • Devastating Combative Techniques
  • Monkey Staff
  • Sweeps, Throws, Takedowns & Defenses
  • Takedown Defense
  • Elbow & Knee Strikes
  • Dim Mak Pressure Points
  • And So Much More

Pro Program Benefits

  • Pro Subscription $99/ Month
  • 42 Months of Video Content
  • New Videos Every Month
  • Free Initial Welcome Call
  • Direct Contact With Sifu
  • Monthly Progress Reviews
  • Monthly Testing
  • Extra Testing Material
  • Workout Plan
  • Personalized Drills
  • Six Monkey Training Plan
  • Free Uniform
  • Additional Tips From Sifu
  • Mobile & Web Access
  • Live Feedback

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