Monkey Kung Fu

How To Make The Most Out Of Our Program

Monkey Kung Fu

By: Sifu Barber


Table Of Contents


  • Why Six Monkey Martial Arts?


  •  What Is In The Program?
  • What You’ll Learn 
  • Training
  • Diet


  •  How to Make the Most Out Of The Program?
  • Subscriptions
  • Training With a Partner
  • One on One Sessions
  • Testing & Certification


  • Training After The Program


  • Q & A


Why Six Monkey Martial Arts?


Six Monkey Kung Fu is the only comprehensive martial arts course that allows a student to submit videos as well as receive one on one martial arts lessons. The majority of online courses are either very limited and repetitive or they don’t allow a student to get the necessary help they need from an instructor. Learning martial arts is not a skill you can learn without some form of correction. Watching videos is great and very educational.

However, if you are unable to address or notice your errors then how can you correct them? You can’t. Another benefit to our program is that you can train anywhere in the world. No need to come in for a live class. So long as you have a moderate place with a decent space, you can train anywhere.

Our entire course has been handed down from generation to generation starting in 1911. Nothing has been changed or modified from the way my teacher and his teachers have been taught. Everything is authentic and traditional. This means it has been and still is a very effective system. We never ask our students for anything we do not do ourselves.

Six Monkey Kung Fu is what we like to call a comprehensive and complete system. As you’ll see in the next section, we teach everything from Qi development and meditation to fight-ending *applications, forms, and conditioning. The majority of other martial arts systems borrow techniques from other systems. While there is nothing wrong with this, think about this aspect.

If you never learned a technique properly because it is not in your art then how can you use it effectively? Again, you can’t. Go into almost any Karate school and you’ll find a grossly unqualified  instructor teaching play fighting (not real or practical).

Over time martial art schools have turned into a hobbyist money-making market that  will give you a black belt for 12 monthly payments. As a student, you never earn any rank or learn any skill. At Six Monkey Kung Fu, each rank and skill must be earned and practiced to become masterful. Whether you are a professional fighter or just beginning your journey as a martial artist, Six Monkey Martial Arts has a program for you.


What Is In The Program?


What You’ll Learn


Being that Six Monkey is a complete system, there is a very long list of curriculum that is in our program. Here is part of that list from in to out:


  • Meditation- Learn to quiet your mind, gain pinpoint focus, &  enhance full-body mindfulness.
  • Qi Development- Qi is your life force, it helps your body move. Most people have very little Qi as they never learn to develop it properly. Learn to add Qi to your strikes and make every hit feel 5-10 times stronger.
  • Qigong- Is one of the many ways to develop Qi, strength and mindfulness.
  • Iron Shirt & Palm- A series of conditioning methods that allow your body and hands to become tough as iron. We teach by starting with your technique then working on the outwards mechanics, unlike those who incorrectly teach causing negative physical strain on the body.
  • Conditioning- Strength and cardiovascular training to help make you physically healthier.
  • Recovering- Everybody is different and recovers at different rates. We will show you some proven methods of how to recover after difficult training.
  • Forms- This is a major foundation of the Six Monkey system. Our forms are 5x longer than your average martial arts form. They are difficult but teach almost all of the techniques and how to develop tremendous leg strength while maintaining a root.
  • Applications- Monkey hands is a series of applications that show you how to end an altercation as soon as it begins.
  • Specialty Hands- Arm breaking, simultaneous block and striking, trapping and much more.
  • Take Down Defense- Being that this is not a grappling art (although we do have escapes & a few basic submissions), we show you how to always stay on your feet.
  • 40 Kicks- That’s right. We have 40 major kicks in our systems. All used for different scenarios, all very powerful and effective.
  • Blocking, Deflecting & Trapping- Not all strikes can be blocked.  A kick for example. Even if you block a kick with your forearms, your arms will still receive the full brunt of it. Learn when to block, how to deflect, and when to trap your opponent.
  • Floating & Sinking- A very misunderstood concept. We will thoroughly explain what it is and how to do it. Six Monkey also takes this concept to the next level teaching double sinking & more!
  • Staff/ Stick- This is not a weapon. Monkey staff (stick or pole) was taught so you will never have a weapon on your person. Rather find a tool in a scenario. Items such as broomsticks, mop handles,and curtain rods, which are all easily findable in most places.
  • Dim Mak- Nearing the top level of the system you will learn Dim Mak. A series of applications that teach pressure points to dismantle your opponent. Only to be used in extreme circumstances!
  • Enhancers- How to make every technique more effective by learning simple enhancers like spiraling or  5 elements destructive cycle.
  • Two Man Drills- Reactivity drills, sparring, san sao and more. Best way to learn how  to defend yourself is by actually doing it.




A majority of Tai Shing training is done relatively low to the ground. This provides you with tremendous leg strength and helps us build a deep root. On top of martial arts training, we have added a few different workout programs and martial art routines that you will be able to download every few lessons. These programs are made to help enhance your training to make you physically stronger and more athletic.

No equipment is needed for any of our programs. That being said, if you have access to weights and/or a punching bag, the better off you will be later in the program. Tai Shing is a very physical system; you need to be strong and have good cardio.

This is real life, not a game. If you get into a physical altercation then you need strength, you need good cardio, you need speed, and you need power! So many martial art instructors say technique rules all. This is true. However, if you think that strength does not matter then you are sadly mistaken. Almost all fight tournaments have weight classes. This isn’t so much about a pound for pound as it is for height, strength, power etc.

You can defeat an opponent bigger/stronger than you with technique. But why make it more work for you when you can use your strength and power? Our training doesn’t require you to be strong when you start. By the end of our program you will have amazing results in skill, strength, speed, power, and effective technique. Real training will bring you real results.




Diet is 80% of weight loss success. It can be very tricky as every person has very different nutritional needs , exercise/workout routines, sleep habits and caloric expenditure. We always suggest consulting with a doctor or nutritionist before you change anything in your dietary/eating habits. 

We use 2 methods for dieting. The first is called the 16/8 diet. When you eat your first meal you will have 8 hours to eat your daily caloric intake, having your last meal before those 8 hours elapse. The next 16 hours you would essentially be fasting. 


For example:


8 am: Breakfast 


10 am: Snack


Noon: Lunch


2 pm: Snack


4 pm: Dinner


5 pm to 8 am next morning only non-caloric fluids (water).


Determine your caloric needs and remain in that number range within the eight hour eating period. The next 16 hours are fasting, which allows you to work off the bodily fat that you already have stored. 

Next, we have a plate pie chart. Every time you have a meal you would divide your plate accordingly. 40% of your plate should be protein, 30% fibrous carbohydrates, 30% fruits & veggies. This division allows your body enough protein to help build/maintain muscles, proper carbohydrates to sustain energy, as well as fruits & veggies for optimal nutrients. It can be very difficult finding a dietary balance. As with all of our programs, please make sure you seek advice from a proper healthcare provider before making any changes. 




How To Make The Most Out Of The Program?



To get the most out of our program, you must first decide how much assistance you will need in your training. What we mean by this is, how dedicated are you? How much time can you put towards your training? How detail-oriented are you? And what is your budget? The more time you get with Sifu the better your ability to improve.

The Basic Subscription has a yearly review and training with Sifu. Standard Subscription has a quarterly review and training. Finally, Pro Subscription has a monthly review and training.

Check out our subscription page to see the many other benefits that come with each level. Sifu gives the same quality of training no matter what subscription you pick, the only difference is how often you get the advanced teachings.  Frequently training with our at home content is another way to get the most out of our program. The more consistent you train the more proficient you will be at the techniques.


  • Basic: This subscription is best for those who will examine each video very carefully, watch all mechanics, then self examine themselves to make sure they are doing each technique correctly. Basic subscription is also best suited for those with some prior martial arts experience. If your budget is not as high then this subscription is for you.


  • Standard: Midrange subscription. Best for those who need some assistance with their training, but can also watch videos and practice the corrections Sifu provides. This subscription also gets a personalized drill to further advance training.


  • Pro: Our absolute best program. Advanced and beginners can progress much faster and more efficiently. Monthly reviews, lessons, weekly video submissions, and a full Tai Shing Training Plan. Just like anything in life, the more you practice the better you get. Having Sifu personally guide you through every lesson and every step will provide you with the ideal training plan.


Training With A Partner


The fact that we teach you how to train with a partner is one thing that truly sets Six Monkey Martial Arts apart from other programs. This is very important for practical training. It is not 100% necessary, but it can significantly help you  learn whether you are doing a technique effectively or not. Our two-man drills teach you the three essentials to defending yourself. 

  • Reactivity: how fast you can react to an opponent.  You learn to react with blocks, counters, footwork and more.
  • Distance Control: stay out of range of your opponent as they strike against you, while being able to close that distance instantly so you can land a devastating blow.
  • Timing: finding the opening in your opponent’s guard or strikes and landing your own.

These three essential skills are required and used in every real life combat scenario. Unfortunately many martial arts schools don’t teach these. At Six Monkey our two-man drills help you develop these skills to use in actual combat. It is very difficult to learn how to block or defend against an attacker if you haven’t done it before. We also have many other ways to teach you the same skills even without a partner. For example using tools like reflex balls, reaction balls, meditations, random combo drills, etc. A partner helps a lot but even without one, Six Monkey Martial Arts will train you the right way.


One on One Sessions


All of our subscriptions will allow you the opportunity to train & review your lessons with Sifu. But what does that mean for you? Well, when you’re practicing by yourself you won’t be able to check every aspect of your mechanics to see what you are doing correctly or incorrectly.

Having Sifu go over all your techniques and videos, will give you the ability to correct everything to help progress your training. Sifu can also give you personalized drills to perfect your weak areas. There is a lot to watch when going over your techniques; footwork, weight distribution, stances, angles, sinking, hand placement, harmonies, and more.

Sifu will also give you some additional training to progress your training. These one on one sessions are not available anywhere else. Our ultimate goal here is not making money, we all have our jobs and other responsibilities. Our only goal is to bring traditional martial arts back to the public, unlike many who think traditional martial arts are not as effective or proper when taught online. Six Monkey has and will always put the student first.


Testing & Certification


 All of our subscriptions offer testing and certification for each level. This is not a requirement in any of our programs, but it is required if you decide one day you want to teach or open a Six Monkey Franchise. This will provide each student with a great sense of accomplishment. None of our programs are easy in the sense of only requiring seldom practice. Testing usually takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on your current rank & knowledge of our system. 

There are two ways to submit for testing. One is submitting the required criteria (which will be sent to you before testing) via video. Any video camera or phone camera works for us, so long as it is clear and without lag. Another way to submit for testing is during your live session with Sifu. Both are acceptable & gradable. After completing your test, Sifu will personally sign & mail your certificate. You will also be added to our exclusive system. We do this so we can always keep track of your ranking and to prevent unqualified  teachers. 

If you do not pass your test you have 2 options. Review your errors and wait for your next one on one session with Sifu (next video submission if you are on pro subscription). Or, you may pay a retesting fee of $99. It depends on what subscription you choose and how confident you are for retesting. Again, this is not required in any programs. We offer this for those who wish to move ahead with their ranking and possibly one day teach others.


Training After The Program


One of the biggest questions we get is what are students supposed to do after the program ends? Again, we have several options for you. To maintain access to all of our content, there is a minimum monthly fee of $9. This is so the student can go back through and review any parts of the course. We also provide an in-depth training regimen for the student to continue training and improving their skills. Six Monkey also offers discounts on individual sessions with Sifu.

Normally these lessons go for $99 but if you complete the program we bring the price down to $35 for a half-hour lesson. We want our students to enjoy a lifetime of learning after our programs. We will also provide you with premium access to join or host our seminars. The choice is yours at this point to choose your own path.


Q & A


  • Q: Who is this course for?

A: Anyone aged 18 and older. No matter gender or martial skill. So long as you are medically cleared as healthy then you can begin our courses at your own risk.


  • Q: Is this course also for those who have previously studied a martial art?

A: Yes. Beginner and advanced students can gain so much by joining our course.


  • Q: How soon will I begin to have martial arts skills?

A: This depends on how much effort you put into your own training. If you are able to train daily, then you will see significant improvements in the first month.


  • Q: How long is the course?

A: We offer several courses but our most popular course is the MSTR (Monkey System Training Regimine) which is 42 months long and contains 117 videos.


  • Q: Is there any specific start or finish date?

A: No. Start at any time. 


  • Q: How do I record videos?

A: Use any smartphone with a video camera or any device with a video recorder. Depending on your subscription we will review your videos when it is your time.


  • Q: How do I submit my videos for review?

A: There are several options. Messaging, email, cloud links (like google drive, icloud, dropbox), etc. Or you can do a live submission where Sifu questions and walks you through each phase of the test. If you need any help please feel free to contact us and we will assist you with submitting your videos.


  • Q: How many students can join?

A: There is no set limit. Our team reviews each student carefully and with an equal amount of time.


  • Q: What is the initial contact for?

A: This is optional for new members to meet with Sifu, ask questions, explain concerns or comment, etc. You may contact us via; Skype, facetime, phone call, messaging or email. Whatever works best for you.


  • Q: Why must I be over 18 years old to join?

A: Liability. Our program is an education course, but it contains many different ways that you could potentially hurt someone else. Once you are over 18 years old you are legally an adult. You know the differences between right and wrong and how to make your own decisions. Our course is to help you learn how to defend yourself effectively and not a game for children to try painful techniques on others.


  • Q: Can I cancel and then resume? 

     A: Yes, you can cancel and resume where you left off at any time.


  • Q: Are the videos downloadable?

    A: No. We do not allow any of our videos to be downloaded, screen recording or sharing your login with anyone. Doing so will result in being banned from our website and possible legal action against you.