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Being that Six Monkey is a complete system, there is a very long list of curriculum that is in our program. Here is part of that list from in to out:


6.1 Meditation- Learn to quiet your mind, gain pinpoint focus, & enhance full-body mindfulness.


6.2 Qi Development- Qi is your life force, it helps your body move. Most people have very little Qi as they never learn to develop it properly. Learn to add Qi to your strikes and make every hit feel 5-10 times stronger.



6.3 Qigong- Is one of the many ways to develop Qi, strength and mindfulness.


6.4 Iron Shirt & Palm- A series of conditioning methods that allow your body and hands to become tough as iron. We teach by starting with your technique then working on the outwards mechanics, unlike those who incorrectly teach causing negative physical strain on the body.


6.5 Conditioning- Strength and cardiovascular training to help make you physically healthier.


6.6 Recovering- Everybody is different and recovers at different rates. We will show you some proven methods of how to recover after difficult training.


6.7 Forms- This is a major foundation of the Six Monkey system. Our forms are 5x longer than your average martial arts form. They are difficult but teach almost all of the techniques and how to develop tremendous leg strength while maintaining a root.


6.8 Applications- Monkey hands is a series of applications that show you how to end an altercation as soon as it begins.


6.9 Specialty Hands- Arm breaking, simultaneous block and striking, trapping and much more.


6.10 Take Down Defense- Being that this is not a grappling art (although we do have escapes & a few basic submissions), we show you how to always stay on your feet.


6.11 40 Kicks- That’s right. We have 40 major kicks in our systems. All used for different scenarios, all very powerful and effective.


6.12 Blocking, Deflecting & Trapping- Not all strikes can be blocked. A kick for example. Even if you block a kick with your forearms, your arms will still receive the full brunt of it. Learn when to block, how to deflect, and when to trap your opponent.


6.13 Floating & Sinking- A very misunderstood concept. We will thoroughly explain what it is and how to do it. Six Monkey also takes this concept to the next level teaching double sinking & more!




6.14 Staff/ Stick- This is not a weapon. Monkey staff (stick or pole) was taught so you will never have a weapon on your person. Rather find a tool in a scenario. Items such as broomsticks, mop handles, and curtain rods, which are all easily findable in most places.


6.15 Dim Mak- Nearing the top level of the system you will learn Dim Mak. A series of applications that teach pressure points to dismantle your opponent. Only to be used in extreme circumstances!


6.16 Enhancers- How to make every technique more effective by learning simple enhancers like spiraling or 5 elements destructive cycle.


6.17 Two Man Drills- Reactivity drills, sparring, san sao and more. Best way to learn how to defend yourself is actually doing it.


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Basic: This subscription is best for those who will examine each video very carefully, watch all mechanics, then self examine themselves to make sure they are doing each technique correctly. Basic subscription is also best suited for those with some prior martial arts experience. If your budget is not as high then this subscription is for you. The cost of the basic package subscription is $ 39 per month.


Standard: Midrange subscription. Best for those who need some assistance with their training, but can also watch videos and practice the corrections Sifu provides. This subscription also gets a personalized drill to further advance training. The cost of the basic package subscription is $ 59 per month.


Pro: Our absolute best program. Advanced and beginners can progress much faster and more efficiently. Monthly reviews, lessons, weekly video submissions, and a full Tai Shing Training Plan. Just like anything in life, the more you practice the better you get. Having Sifu personally guide you through every lesson and every step will provide you with the ideal training plan. The cost of the basic package subscription is $ 99 per month.


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