Welcome to our Six Monkey Martial Arts online Kung Fu program. This Monkey Kung Fu online program has many variations and growth opportunities. All with live feedback from Sifu.


Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. Six Monkey Martial Art Online Courses

What is in our Monkey Kung Fu online program?

We want all students regardless of budget or experience to find a great program that best fits their needs. So in this article we will focus on our courses main aspects and well as the benefits for all of our programs. First, we will look at several courses options and briefly explain those courses. Next, we will focus on the training process and live feedback that we provide for all of our courses. Lastly, we will dive into advancement options and testing options we offer for all of our students.


Our Programs


This is by far our most popular course that students choose. M.S.T.R. stands for Monkey System Training Regiment. It is a 42 month long program where we teach all 5 sub styles of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. This program begins with the basics like stances & foundational movements and progressively moves on next to forms, conditioning & applications. We want all of our students to build a solid foundation so their results will be solid and long lasting.

Our M.S.T.R. program has 3 subscription levels. First there is the Basic Subscription which is $29 a month and offers yearly reviews with Sifu Barber. Next there is the Standard Subscription at $49 a month and offers quarterly reviews with Sifu Barber, as well as discounted uniform & personalized drills. Finally, we offer a Pro Subscription that is $99 a month with monthly reviews with Sifu Barber, free uniform, personalized drills & workouts, fast track training (you get 2 months of content every 30 days) and much more.

Monkey Courses:

We begin these courses by teaching foundational skills but also jumping right into learning the selected monkeys form. Our students start with Tei Tong form and move on quickly to that courses monkey form. Next our students will begin learning specialized drills in that monkey while working on their conditioning. Finally, we end these course with monkey fighting techniques, gun & knife, intermediate conditioning and meditation. In addition all of our monkey courses also provide our students with 3 one on one training session that we will discuss later.

Women’s Self Defense Course:

This course is an absolute for any woman wanting to learn to defend herself. We start this course with debunking myths that are commonly taught in martial arts classes. Then we start teaching our students about situational awareness and how to enhance their awareness anywhere they go. As a matter of fact this is the main teaching we focus on throughout the course as can help a person avoid a dangerous situation altogether. However, we also teach several techniques that range from striking & blocking, to choke defense and rape escape. Lastly, this course comes with 2 one on one sessions with Sifu Barber to help students enhance their Monkey Kung Fu techniques.

Meditation & Qigong:

This course starts off with our in-depth meditation video. Firstly, we want all of our students to understand the difference between relaxing and meditating. Although many places teach meditation with as an eye closed practice and relaxing music this is not true meditation. Our meditation teaches students to open their minds to awareness and empty their cup. Additionally, we want our students to learn to empty their mind and develop mindfulness of their body, mind & spirit. Next, we teach Qigong which is a moving meditation practice that helps our students continue that mindfulness development and build Qi (life energy).

Six Monkey Conditioning:

Firstly, this course is not a Monkey Kung Fu program with fighting techniques. Our Six Monkey Conditioning program is just that, a conditioning program. We begin this program with hand conditioning as it is often an under trained practice. Next students work on forearm conditioning to toughen up their strikes and blocks. Then to sum this course up we teach our students solo and partner body conditioning so they can handle strikes better and counter more effectively.

Pure Combatives:

Finally we offer a pure combatives course. Our students who are amateur pro fighters, police officers, military, and other fight oriented people love. We initiate this course with learning basic stances & footwork and progressively teach the 5 sub styles of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu fighting techniques. Finally, we teach our students how to use the different monkey mindsets in their sparring and application. Paired with meditation this course is a must have for learning all 5 fighting styles of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu.


Live Feedback & Training

As mentioned earlier, all of our courses offer some sort of live feedback or one on one sessions with Sifu Barber. This begins with having our students choose which method of contact they prefer. Our students have a choice of doing video submission or live video chat with Sifu Barber. Once decided, our students will spend 30 minutes with Sifu or Sifu will review their video submission and provide very detailed feedback to help refine or correct their techniques. This is what truly makes Six Monkey Martial Arts a rare gem.

We have noticed majority of online martial arts programs are signup and figure it out on your own. Then students quit and stop training. However, we want to change that mentality. So we want to be involved every step of the way in our students martial arts journey. As a result of this open door method, we have noticed huge improvements in our students retention of the content as well as their skill progression. In conclusion, whether you choose our program or not, it is imperative you pick a program that will help you enhance your skills.


Advancement Options

In Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu there are 4 ranks that our students can achieve. Firstly, there is a yellow sash rank. At this rank our students have learned the foundation movements of Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu like stances, footwork, strikes, blocks and Tei Tong form. Next, we have the green sash rank. Our students at this rank should be proficient with their forms & basics and developing their conditioning and basic monkey hands. Third, is the red sash rank. This is where our advanced students prove they are well versed in their specialty monkey hand techniques as well as their understand of monkey mindsets and applications.

Finally, is the black sash rank AKA Sifu rank. This is where our students have mastered their monkey from top to bottom and can begin to teach it. This is a serious test that Sifu Barber will only do in person. In addition to their knowledge of techniques Sifu Barber wants to make that our black sash students are of good moral character and have good intentions for our Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu system. In conclusion, we want all of our students to be successful whether they want to move up in rank or not. We are here every step of the way so please always train safely and wisely!



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