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Why Kung Fu Online?

Unlike physical Kung Fu schools. Learning Kung Fu online allows you to train anywhere at anytime. In addition to this time restraint freedom, you also get a lot more personalized attention with your Shifu/Sifu (master).

Also you get to access your lessons whenever you want to. If you are in the midst of training at home and need clarification, the answer is right at your finger tips. Along with todays technology this makes learning Monkey Kung Fu easier than ever.

Additionally, training Kung Fu online means you don’t have to settle for the nearest martial arts dojo. Unfortunately today there are many so called masters that don’t even train themselves. So how can they train you.

While training alone can seem off putting at first, it grows on you very quickly. Besides we have developed a very structured training program that guides you whether you train alone or with friends. 

Unlike other schools we have been doing this for over 10 years and even expanded our school globally. Our goal is to spread our love for Monkey Kung Fu to every corner. Finally, consider this. Would you rather pay triple the price for a frankly half ass master. Or learn from a dedicated lineage of true and practical Monkey Kung Fu Sifu.

Kung Fu online. Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. Six Monkey Martial Art Online Courses. Monkey Kung Fu Lessons. Kung Fu Lessons Online. Kung Fu Classes Online.

Why Six Monkey Martial Arts?

Six Monkey Martial Arts has revolutionized the way people learn kung fu, offering the world an easy and convenient way to learn the ancient yet powerful martial art of Monkey Kung Fu. Our online courses are all broken down into in-depth video lessons which allow for students at any level from novice to master to understand each step in their own pace. We also provide 1 on 1 live feedback with a real Monkey Kung Fu master via zoom lessons or video submission for detailed guidance and instruction. 

From our comprehensive 42 months MSTR course to specialized mini courses, Six Monkey offers a wide selection suitable for everyone who wants to learn kung fu online. Anyone interested in joining must be 18+ years old. With us, you can learn how to unlock your potential!

Kung Fu online. White Monkey logo monkey kung fu six monkey martial arts. Monkey Kung Fu Lessons. Kung Fu Lessons Online. Kung Fu Classes Online.
Kung Fu Online. Red Monkey Logo monkey kung fu six monkey martial arts. Monkey Kung Fu Lessons. Kung Fu Lessons Online. Kung Fu Classes Online.

Kung Fu is a broad term for multiple Chinese Martial Arts. Kung Fu can be defined as accomplishment through hard work. As it takes years of practice to master these skills.

With todays technology advancements, learning Kung Fu online has never been easier. Now you can overcome the time restraints, travel restrictions and have access to a qualified master from anywhere in the world. Lessons can be viewed over and over and you get much needed 1 on 1 attention from your master compared to traditional classes.

Six Monkey Martial Arts makes learning Kung Fu online easier than ever. Simply answer a few questions in the quiz above and our AI will pick out the most suitable course based on your answers. With dozens of courses varying in length and price we have something for everyone 18 and older.

Our two best courses are our MSTR program and Pure Combatives. MSTR (Monkey System Training Regimen) is a 42 month long course that takes you from novice to master in the rare art of Monkey Kung Fu.

Pure Combatives is as it sounds. No forms, no useless techniques, just pure combat techniques. These skills and drills all come from the 5 day monkeys of Tai Shing Pek Kwar Kung Fu. Practical, effective and easy to learn.



The easiest way to pick the best online Kung Fu course is to use the quiz above. After a few simple questions, our AI generator will help determine the best course for you based on your answers. This is all based on 100+ successful students who have learned from us here at Six Monkey Martial Arts.

By far the best and most practical Kung Fu techniques are Hammer Fists and Dim Mak techniques. Both are rare and usually taught incorrectly. Here at Six Monkey Martial Arts we break down these lessons so they are easy to learn and master!

The only way to improve your Kung Fu techniques is through diligent practice and guided instruction. A true master can break down techniques simply and advance them as you grow in your skills. This is the foundation of all of our lessons. 

If you want the best Kung Fu training videos then you are at the right spot! We offer free training videos as well as paid courses. Our goal is to help you unlock your inner warrior!

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