How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

How To Learn Kung Fu Online?
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How to learn Kung Fu Online? Since the 2020 pandemic this seems to be a recurring question asked amongst students who have had their schools closed down. Or just simply don’t have the time to travel miles for a subpar Kung Fu School. First, let’s look at is learning Kung Fu Online even possible and what you should know before starting. Next, we will go over the most common obstacles when learning Kung Fu Online. Finally, we will dig into some major components of picking a good Online Kung Fu school.

How to learn Kung Fu Online? Part 1

Can you learn Kung Fu Online?

Short answer Yes. Long answer well it depends on the program you are in. Let us explain, Kung Fu is a broad term for many different types of Martial Arts styles that range from grappling to striking to a rugged to soft styles. However, in general you have to look at structure. Most Kung Fu styles require some sort of partner training. Which makes total sense, it is hard to block a punch if you have never had a punch thrown at your head.

Next, we look at what kind of training is involved in the online Kung Fu program. First ask yourself is there a structured training regimen? This plays a huge determining factor in how to learn Kung Fu online, if there is no structure how can you be expected to excel when you just get loads of videos at once. Then we dive into how is the program structured? Are the lessons in order? How long is each lessons? Are all lessons released at once? etc.

Furthermore, we now have to examine the teachers credentials. In Kung Fu we have something called lineage. Lineage is when you as a teacher can show who you learned from all the way up your family tree dating back to the founder of that style or system. While this is not the most important aspect of learning Kung Fu online it is something to strongly consider. If a teacher can show who he/she has learned from you can have some confidence you are learning proper techniques from the original master.

Monkey Kung Fu Lineage

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we will explore what type of technology is needed for learning Kung Fu online. Most online Kung Fu programs I have encountered just have pre-recorded lessons, this is great and all is needed is an open area and a smart device. However, this means you never get to meet the teacher and just hope you are practicing correctly. That leads to our next key point, are their live lessons, if so your smart device with a camera should be ample enough for your demonstration purposes.

In conclusion, yes you absolutely can learn Kung Fu online if you have in-depth lessons, live lessons and a solid structure to guide you through this amazing journey call Kung Fu!

How to learn Kung Fu Online? Part 2

What to know before you join

How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

Previously, we went over can you learn Kung Fu online, that was an obvious yes with some key factors to look out for. Now we will give you some key tips and facts to know before you join any online Kung Fu program.

Tip 1

First, look at how many courses are available that peak your interest.

This is important for you to determine 2 things; one if the Shifu/Sifu teaches various programs you can be pretty confident that he/she knows their art form very well. Speaking from experience teaching multiple courses has shown me that you need to be a true master in your content. Two does the Shifu/Sifu meet with you live. I mentioned this before in the previous section but I cannot express enough how important learning live (even virtual) is for you as a student to succeed.

Tip 2

Next tip to know is how long has your instructor been teaching this Kung Fu style. It is very common for masters to have spent many years in other styles of martial arts and only a few in the art they are teaching you. This happens when an instructor is desperate for a quick buck and tries to start mixing all different types of styles together. While this can be a good thing, it also means you are not getting the true art form but a mix of multiple martial arts styles.

Tip 3

Furthermore, it is important to know if your instructor has ever participated in any tournaments, fights or seminars. I personally have had 16 semi pro MMA fights and this has shaped my teaching career. Which is why I love teaching the practical Kung Fu skills. If your teacher has done a few tournaments then that’s fine as well. My biggest point here is to see if your instructor has ever had to use their Kung Fu skills under pressure, it’s a small point but has a major impact on how they train.

Final Thoughts

Kung Fu was originally designed as a very disciplined and practical art form. This is missed a lot with todays masters, they focus on instagram ads rather than training. Finally, for you focus on finding a credible teacher who shows his/her discipline through their actions.

How to learn Kung Fu Online? Part 3

Online Kung Fu Programs

How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

Here we have the meat of what you need to know for how to learn Kung Fu Online. Previously, we mentioned a lot about structure credibility and discipline. In this section we will dig deeper into all of those topics and give you some clear examples.


How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

First and foremost, in my opinion this is the most important factor when deciding on how to learn Kung Fu online. You need a detailed plan on what to do, how to do it and how to apply it either alone or with a partner. For example, you want to practice the 4 basic blocks. Well in order to do this you need a detailed lesson on how to stand, weight distribution, proper joint alignments and much more. Without this you are just wailing your arms around.

Next you need to have your instructor demonstrate how to practice these techniques solo or with a partner. This can vary your training greatly, unfortunately we all do not have training partners. For example, using a $15 reflex ball  you can practice having a strike coming back at you and become more proficient with your blocking. Training in this manner will take you leaps and bounds above the rest.

In addition, I would suggest you look at if there are live lessons and how often. The whole point of having a Shifu/Sifu is to make sure your learning is true and correcting your errors. With todays technology this can be done easily virtually as well as in person. You virtual lessons can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. That part largely depends on you and how much assistance you feel you need, in general I would recommend no less than once a month unless you have a lot of experience.

In conclusion, in order for you to figure out how to learn Kung Fu Online, you need structure. Not just from a self disciple standpoint but from an instructor holding you accountable for proper techniques.


How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

This is short and sweet. You want to have an instructor with lineage. While this can be very difficult to find, especially when you look at online Kung Fu programs. Your instructor should be able to give you his history and provide you with a list from founder all the way to their teacher. I have always preferred practicality over lineage but as I see more and more fake masters I personally have changed my outlook. Never be afraid to ask your master for their lineage, their response will give you all that you need to know.


How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

One definition for Kung Fu means accomplishment through hard work. This means you train, you fail and you overcome. When picking an online Kung Fu program look at if your SHifu/Sifu is showing you their discipline. IS your master sitting in a chair or is he/she personally leading you through drills? Is your master sloppy when doing a technique? That probably means he/she is slacking on their personal training. My Sifu always taught that once you become a black sash you a re-learning through teaching but you have to double your discipline and train harder to lead your students.

How to learn Kung Fu Online? Conclusion

How To Learn Kung Fu Online?

First, we want over how you can learn Kung Fu online. This is entirely possible if you have the desire to do so. With todays technology this actually may be the best option for you. High definition video allows me to zoom in and break down forms, drills and much more. Whether you choose my program or not I hope you succeed in your Kung Fu journey, just remember all of the tips for your success. Be observant and ask a lot of questions to the SHifu/Sifu. Please train safely & wisely.

– Sifu Barber

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