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Three Keys To Tall Monkey

Tall Monkey is one of the most fluid and destructive martial art methods. This rare sub style of Tai Shing is defined by its sweeping blocks, high & low monkey kung fu stances & snatching hand techniques.

Tall Monkey Mindset


First, we will look at the Tall Monkey Mindset. All of Tai Shing’s monkeys have their own unique mindset that allows the practitioner to grasp the essence of that particular monkey form.


Tall Monkey has the mindset of compassionate protection. Many are confused by this concept as it conflicts with the average belief of martial arts in general. Tall Monkey mind development begins with the practitioner envisioning that he/she is protecting someone they care about and must fight to protect them.


Mindset In Action

However, the advanced practitioner takes this one step further. They will envision they are protecting someone who needs help, even if it is someone they do not care or wish to protect. Most martial art practitioners use anger to fight making their mind narrow minded and tunnel vision sets in.


Tall Monkey uses soft deflecting blocks with devastating strikes to break down their opponent. This ties in seamlessly with the Tall Monkey mind. Not only does the practitioner protect those who need it but they also do not wish to hurt their opponent unless no other option is available. Thus soft blocking and power striking.


Tall Monkey Form


Next, we dive into the Tall Monkey Form. This form is non-existent in today’s world. Most practitioners who start Tai Shing Kung Fu avoid Tall Monkey form as it is longer and requires a great deal more leg work due to rising and sinking stances.


This form was meant to train the practitioner in fluid movement while blocking and quickly turn into long range power striking. Also, this form begins to teach something we call snatching hands. This is a braking technique used to break an opponent’s limbs with properly placed strikes and powerful push through movements.


Towards the end of the form this is a great deal of low to high stances. These stance changes help teach proper blocking to striking movements. For example, block in a high stance then drop low to land a power strike on an opponent’s abdomen or groin.


Tall Monkey Applications

Finally, we take a peek at the Tall Monkey practical techniques and applications. Tall Monkey teaches a fluidity drill that teaches a hammer fist combo but done fluidly and at changing levels. Having the ability to strike hard while moving fluidly is a deadly combination.


Snatching hands techniques teach the breaking aspect but the Tall Monkey Hands Drill is where practitioners begin to understand the fighting aspect. This drill teaches you to use your maximum reach while sparring to gain a surprising advantage over opponents. 


Tall Monkey also teaches a skill called Chin Na (joint control & locking). These are nasty techniques to use against an opponent who has sloppy strikes or grabs you. These movements teach you to not only lock an opponent but how to use their own movements to change locks or sink a lock in deeper.




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