Common Questions About Our Online Kung Fu Lessons & Monkey Kung Fu

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Kung Fu Online: Common Questions


No. We do not require any of our students to sign a commit or contract for any of our online Kung Fu lessons. You can cancel anytime and resume where you left off as long as you use the same email for your login.

All of our courses teach combative martial art techniques. These techniques will teach you how to break down and opponent and overwhelm them. This is meant for legal adults who understand that this is a real martial art program and not a game for kids.

Tai Shing kung fu is also known as monkey kung fu. This is a rare and devastating martial arts system that uses low to the ground movements, pressure points, meditation and deadly techniques to take down opponents.

The M.S.T.R. program is our Monkey System Training Regimen program. This is a 42 month program that teaches all 5 sub styles of Tai Shing plus additional videos on Dim Mak pressure points and much more. This is our most popular online Kung Fu course so students can learn to master Monkey Kung Fu.

The course is 42 months long with additional learning options at the end of the program. However, the training and learning are entirely on the student. If you train more often then you can finish the course earlier. If you seldom train or practice then it would take longer than 42 months.

We recommend at least 3 days a week. This may vary from student to student. Some students need more time to recover between training sessions while others do not. Know your body, rest accordingly and if necessary speak with your health care office.

Even though these are online Kung Fu lessons, there is no easy way or pay for a sash in this Monkey Kung Fu system. If you want your next sash then you must submit a video with the required criteria. If passed, you will receive a free sash. This is completely optional and those uninterested in sash ranking do not need to submit testing videos.

You do not have to have a training partner. However, it is ideal to have someone to train or practice with & against. It is often hard to learn how to properly block a punch if you never had anyone throw punches at you. Do not worry if you do not have a training partner. Our courses are designed for students of all skill levels and access to a partner or not.

None. There will be options or modifications to certain exercises and drills where you may use weights or other types of equipment, but it is not necessary.

Whether you have prior health conditions or not we will always suggest that you be cleared for this program by a healthcare professional. As always, train at your own risk. Train smart and for longevity.

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