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Drunken Monkey is actually called Monkey Steals Masters Wine. It is a very fluid and controlled style. Learn to deflect strikes and use cotton fist techniques. This is also known as an internal martial art. Drunken Monkey Kung Fu uses internal strength, Qi and spiral techniques to overwhelm an opponent. While this style is very relaxed, the circular footwork in combination with precise strikes makes it deadly. In this course you will receive:

  • All 3 Parts to Drunken Form
  • Drunken Monkey Hands
  • Ghost Hands
  • Cotton Fist Training
  • Drunken Monkey Fluidity & Line Drills
  • All 3 Parts to Tei Tong Form
  • Meditation Steps 1-3
  • Basic to Advanced Qigong
  • Sweeps, Throws, Takedowns & Defense
  • Iron Hand Conditioning
  • 3,5 & 7 Star Conditioning
  • Shin Conditioning
  • Elbow & Knee Strikes
  • Monkey Hands
  • Gor Sao
  • San Sao
  • Gun & Knife Defense
  • Additional Techniques & More

4 Monthly Payments of $75 (Videos Released Monthly)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drunken Monkey Kung Fu Form, or Drunken Monkey Kung Fu Pole Form  skillfully blends satire and deadly serious technique. With its creative imitations of a drunken monkey’s movements as opposed to the more traditional human form used in other techniques like Zui Quan (Drunken Fist), this martial art offers an unpredictable approach that can be both entertaining and formidable!

Drunken boxing is a type of Chinese martial arts that dazzles with its distinctive movements. It derives from characteristic drunken motions to deliver an enigmatic blend of agility and power, creating an entrancing display on the battlefield!

Believe it or not, kung fu can be all the more entertaining when combined with a little bit of uneven footing – enter drunken kung fu! While this type of martial arts practice is not technically its own style and doesn’t actually require drinking alcohol to perform, some moves have been adapted from Shaolin styles that mimic lurching movements. The most famous example comes from Jackie Chan’s 1978 movie Drunken Master– an approach created by choreographers Jacky Yuen and Chan himself!

Monkey-Style Kung Fu is a unique martial art which combines dynamic, ape or monkey inspired techniques with agile movements. This style of combat has been given different names throughout the world from its Chinese roots – in Japan it’s known as Kou-ken. Nowadays there are many independently developed systems based on this remarkable Martial Art form that continue to draw practitioners around the globe!

Looking to inflict some serious damage on your opponents? The Peruvian martial art of Bacom or Vacon could be the answer. Developed in the streets of Lima and honed by Peru’s military, this potent fighting style has earned its place among the deadliest martial arts for its efficiency at causing swift injury.

MMA is a powerhouse amongst combat sports, drawing on the ferocity of kickboxing and Muay Thai as well as technical elements like boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Highly respected professional fighters agree that it’s among the toughest martial arts to master – so if you’re ready for a real challenge consider giving Mixed Martial Arts a try!

For centuries, Shaolin Kung Fu has fascinated the world with its remarkable history and practical applications. Warriors have come to respect this martial art for its ability to overpower opponents due it’s combination of intense physical training and spiritual discipline – even being so powerful that entire armies feared it in ancient times!

Kou Si
Monkey Kung Fu
People practicing Monkey Kung Fu in City Park (Budapest), Hungary
Also known asHóu Quán, Dà Shèng Mén, Monkey Boxing, Monkey Fist, Tai Shing Pek Kwar
Country of originChina
CreatorKou Si (Kou Sze), (Kau Sei) 寇四

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Chinese martial arts have long been inspired by the animal kingdom, with styles from Guangdong and Fujian provinces boasting five signature fighting techniques known as Ng Ying Kung Fu. This dynamic style translates to ‘five forms of skill’, drawing on moves commonly used in animals such as tigers, cranes, snakes and dragons for a powerful self-defense art.

Lung Ying (Dragon form) is a classic southern Chinese kung fu style that takes full advantage of powerful, close-quarters combat. Forearm strikes and gripping techniques are integral parts of the art, allowing practitioners to maximize their impact in intense situations.

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