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M.S.T.R. 42 Month Program

Course Description

Six Monkey Martial Arts is the only comprehensive martial arts course that allows a student to submit videos as well as receive one on one martial arts lessons. Quickly learn new skills & techniques no matter what your previous experience is. 42 months of in-depth videos to teach Tai Shing. Tai Shing is over 110 years old and known by few. Its uncommon techniques & unique angles/levels makes you more confident in protecting yourself. 2-4 videos each month with live feedback from our top instructor. Don’t waste your time & money on learning from other places and guessing if you are training correct or not. Join Today & Get Your Second Month Free!

What will you learn?

  1. 8 Forms to train effective movements
  2. Practical drills to teach you reactivity, distance control & timing.
  3. Meditation & Qigong.
  4. Hand, Forearm, Body & Shin Conditioning.
  5. Breaks, Locks, Escapes, Take Down Defense.
  6. Dim Mak
  7. 40 Kicks
  8. Special fist techniques
  9. Sparring & Much More!

Target Audience:

  1. Beginner & Advanced Martial Artists.
  2. Students who lack a good school near them.
  3. Students who lack the time to train at a facility.
  4. Anyone in good physical health.

Course Breakdown

First 12 months teach basic stances, striking, kicks, Tei Tong, Meditation 1, hand drills and Tall Monkey plus more.

Months 13 – 24 teach lost monkey, qigong basics, mor sao, dispersing hands, 120 day iron hand, stone monkey, san sao & more.

Months 25 – 36 teach drunken monkey, alarm points, dim mak, poison hands, advanced meditation & qigong, sparring, wood monkey & much more.

Months 37 – 42 teach staff, advanced dim mak, additional knockout techniques, CV & GV points, gun & knife defense, intro into night monkey and more.

Good luck & Train Safely & Wisely.


New videos become active at the end of each month.

Will be seen under the Course Curriculum section.