A God of Martial Arts

A God of Martial Arts

A god of martial arts? What does that even mean? Well, to begin with, this is not a religious or worship kind of blog. We are talking about the Legend of Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong is the Monkey King in Chinese mythology. Known to few as the God of Martial Arts. Legend has it that in 1911 he revealed himself to a man named Kou Sze. Kou Sze would later create the art known as Tai Shing (Great Sage Style). 

If you want to learn more about Sun Wukong then I highly suggest reading “Journey to the West”. We want to explain a bit more of the Tai Shing sub styles and how the God of Martial Arts designed each to be different at Six Monkey Martial Arts. The 6 sub styles are Drunken Monkey, Stone Monkey, Tall Monkey, Wood Monkey, Lost Monkey & Night Monkey.

God of Martial Arts: The 6 Monkeys

Drunken Monkey:

Then we have Drunken Monkey. Sun Wukong loved to drink and mess around with other beings, like the Jade Emperor. So, when the God of Martial Arts taught Kou Sze this style, he wanted Kou Sze to imitate being intoxicated while fighting. 

Using circular steps with deflecting blocks. Tumbling and fake stepping was also taught to help further the illusion of being intoxicated. If you want to learn more about Drunken Monkey, check out our course by clicking here.


Stone Monkey:

Next we have Stone Monkey. Few know this but, legend says Sun Wukong was born from a magical rock. Shí Hóu (Stone Monkey) is another name for the God of Martial Arts. Kou Sze was taught that Stone Monkey was to be done very aggressively. This monkey was the alpha of the troop. Never give up no matter what and keep moving forward. Stone Monkey uses aggressive footwork along with trapping techniques to overwhelm an opponent. If you want to learn more about Stone Monkey, check out our course by clicking here.


Tall Monkey:

First you learn Tall Monkey. The god of martial arts taught this monkey to be both compassionate and deadly. Soft blocking followed by hard strikes. Tall Monkey uses limb destruction techniques along with snatching techniques. Sun Wukong also taught Kou Sze that the Tall Monkey has to strike a bit differently to gain the most out of the practitioner’s arm reach. If you want to learn more about Tall Monkey, check out our course by clicking here.


Wood Monkey:

Last you will learn Wood Monkey. This monkey is the most unique to learn. Wood Monkey uses the Wu Wei Principle (Effortless Effort). Sun Wukong taught this monkey to utilize proper intention against an opponent. Wood monkey has several specialty techniques, such as root snatching and bridge destroying. If you want to learn more about Wood Monkey, check out our course by clicking here.


Lost Monkey:

Sun Wukong created this monkey to use fear to it’s advantage. The God of Martial Arts wanted Kou Sze to use fear to his advantage. Lost Monkey teaches quick evasive movements, along with dispersing hand techniques used to land multiple strikes in the weak areas of an opponent. Finally, Lost Monkey teaches more advanced blocking movements to keep the practitioner safe. If you want to learn more about Lost Monkey, check out our course by clicking here. 


Night Monkey:

This is the final monkey taught to disciples of Kou Sze and the God of Martial Arts, Sun Wukong. This monkey has no forms, mainly focusing on meditation and Dim Mak point striking to disable opponents. Very few know that this monkey even exists. At Six Monkey Martial Arts, we teach this monkey to disciples who have completed our full 42 month M.S.T.R. (Monkey System Training Regimen) Program. To learn more about that course click here.


God of Martial Arts Conclusion

That concludes our blog on the God of Martial Arts, Sun Wukong. Each one of the 6 sub styles of Tai Shing are all devastating and deadly. That is why we will only teach adults. There is much to learn, but the real question is: 

Do you have the discipline to learn? 


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