Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD

Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD: Learn this rare and long-forgotten art form from home. With tons of in-depth video lessons & Wood Monkey Kung Fu training program!

Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD

Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD bundle brings a unique opportunity to learn this rare art from a 5th generation Wood Monkey Kung Fu master. With detailed and step-by-step instructions on basics, this package has the potential to teach newcomers this art with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced martial artist, Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVDs cover all the important topics from warmup exercises to traditional forms of Wood Monkey open-hand fighting. Start your journey now, immerse yourself in over hours of footage, and learn one of the most mysterious and effective kung fu styles.

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Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD

Real Wood Monkey Kung Fu Techniques

Comprehensive & In-depth Video Lessons

Learn From A 5th Generation Master

What You'll Learn in Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD Bundle

Monkey Kung Fu Basics DVD

  • Basic Stances
  • Hops, Walks, Crawls & Rolls
  • Footwork
  • 3 External Harmonies
  • 3 Internal Harmonies
  • Hammer Fists 101
  • Fluidity Drill
  • 40 Kicks
  • 3 Star Conditioning
  • Iron Palm
  • Basic Qigong
  • And More!

Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD

  • Wood Monkey Kung Fu Form
  • 18 Blocks
  • 18 Strikes
  • Basic Monkey Hammer Fists
  • Wood Monkey Fluidity Drills
  • Monkey Hands 1 & 2
  • Stone Monkey Hands
  • Fighting Basics
  • Wood Monkey Hammer Fists
  • Poison Hands
  • Basic Self Defense
  • And More!
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What is Wood Monkey Kung Fu DVD?

Wood Monkey is the most hidden sub style of Tai Shing Kung Fu. Since Tai Shing was founded in 1911, Wood Monkey has always been for more serious students. This style uses a Wu Wei principle (effortless effort). Both physically and mentally. Wood Monkey represents a monkey moving through the bamboo reeds. Quick, efficient, and with purpose. Students learn how to keep their mind clear and utilize proper intention in all of their movements offensively & defensively. Most importantly, students learn to relax themselves to improve their mental and physical stamina. 

Wood Monkey was always a secret style of Tai Shing Kung Fu. Until today. Our course not only teaches you this amazing art form but also, all the foundational skills you need to be proficient in Tai Shing Monkey Kung Fu. Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip you by & join today to unlock your inner warrior!

About Sifu Barber

Sifu Barber may be younger but he has been training the art of Tai Shing since he was 18 years old. Like most kids he grew up with doing Tae Kwon Do starting at age 8. Even at such a young age he won 2 TKD tournaments and placed 2nd in the young adult overall competition. At age 12 he left TKD for Atemi Ryu Karate taught by the late Sensei Joe Hess and Sensei Joe Williams.

Throughout his training he won several local tournaments and moved on to training with adults by age 14. Over the next 4 years Sifu Barber focused on boxing while refining his Karate art. 

At age 18 while studying in a local library Sifu Barber met Sigung Ah Sang. There was an instant connection and Sigung took Sifu Barber under his wing. At this time Sifu Barber was 6′ tall but only 140 lbs! In order to train Tai Shing it was time to put on some serious mass.

For the first year Sigung never taught a single punch, kick or even history of the art form. Daily he took Sifu through vigorous body workouts like pushups, dips, lunges, pull-ups and squats. Over that 1st year Sifu Barber transformed from a scrawny teen to a strong well rounded student. 

For the next 10 years Sifu Barber lived with Sigung Ah Sang to develop all 6 Monkeys of Tai Shing. Daily conditioning, meditation, forms and sparring led Sifu Barber to become one of the youngest masters of Tai Shing since its inception in 1911.

Today Sifu Barber continues to train daily while passing on this rare and amazing art form. 100’s of students from all over the world are learning to unlock their inner warrior through our online Kung Fu program. Get started today!

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